Best Printer for 300GSM Card 2022 – Today’s Top Printers!

Worried about printing cards? Saying them important is an understatement indeed. Yet, they are the main hassle. Paying tonnes of money for this seems equal to flushing your money to the toilet. Urgh! Why there can’t be any easy way to do this?

Well, who told there isn’t? Instead of going to a professional, you can yourself print those 300gsm cards. Really? Yes, no kidding! Just you need one thing – a printer specializing in printing 300gsm cards – and all your stress will vanish.

Wait, there’s a twist. Choosing a printer is not so easy, we need a background check before coming to any conclusion. We don’t want to bring trouble right? To get the best out of this, you need the best printer for these cards.

best 300gsm card printer

But, how do you know which one is the best printer for 300gsm card?

Well, that’s where we play. We have analyzed day and night and jotted down some miraculous and trendy printers with top-grade performance to make your journey easier. In addition to this, we have also some extra sections and FAQs to answer your every confusion.

So, come on, let’s jump to the details.

What Do People Like About 300GSM Card Printer?

There is an infinite list of why people adore 300gsm card printers so much. As you are still at the sea of deciding, this might be a great start for you. Who knows knowing some of its mind-boggling features you may also fall in love with it.

Okay, time to find out.

  • Print Thicker Paper: No new thing. It is the main selling feature and the reason we are so dependent upon these 300gsm card printers. No other printer can suffice our needs like them.
  • Image Resolution: With top-quality image resolution, these card printers are incomparable. Hence, if you are planning to make business cards, it seems your perfect destination.
  • Connectivity: In the millennial era, we want everything smarter, faster, and easier. Running alongside other technologies, 300gsm printers are also specializing in smart connections, like WiFi, to make lives easier.
  • Speed: Your fast-paced life, deserve a printer fast as flash. And to our utter surprise, these 300gsm card printers have the exclusive power to print more than 25 pages per minute. So unreal!
  • Setup Process: With so many options out there, this 300gsm printer has the most accessible and straightforward setup process. You need nothing but a handful of five to ten minutes to get the job done.

Loving it, right? Here comes the best part of revealing some incredible, best printers for 300gsm cardstock.

1. Xerox VersaLink C8000 Color Printer – Best Home Printer for 300GSM Card

xerox versalink C8000

With a track record of highest customer satisfaction, Xerox VersaLink Color Printer is crowned as the top demanding printer on this list. Doing the work with complete professionality in the comfort of your cozy room, Xerox has distinguished itself as the best home printer for 300gsm card.

For starters, it has a superior performance and rich features to make your printing a smarter and more innovative experience. With fewer moving parts, the new hardware design the manufacturer serves is beyond any compliments.

In addition to this, the printer has a supreme resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi. Very RARE. But guess what? This high image quality doesn’t need maximum time for doing this. Xerox boasts proudly of printing one side in full color in only 11 seconds.

That was a surprise. Wait there’s more! Here, with this printer, you get advanced imaging technology, to help you not only stay ahead in tech but also to customize your cards. By the power of the one-touch apps you just need to tap, swipe and pinch to do the work.

All these features focused on one thing – time-saving. This makes your work more productive. Another great feature of it is the flexibility it has while connecting with any devices and services. From Apple AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print to direct WiFi, it has all the connectives you can ever ask for.

Xerox VersaLink is all that anyone needs for a perfect workflow and information sharing. A genuine Xerox printer can change the entire visionary. Choosing them is a promise of quality, reliability, and advanced technology.

What We Liked
  • Smart image customization
  • Highly productive
  • Vibrant color resolution
  • Versatile connectivity
What Need Improvement
  • No extra tray
  • The hard drive is optional

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2. HP Tango Smart Wireless Printer – Best Inkjet Printer for 300GSM Card

hp tango printer

In the second position, let’s introduce the world’s first smart printer for your smart home. Have a shower of applause for the HP Tango Wireless Smart Printer. Along with the climate-friendly pledge, this printer has an array of wondrous features that will surely blow your mind.

To start over with its performance, during the printing, it assures the top-notch quality of imaging and resolution for your prints. Whether it is an important document or a borderless image, not a single color drop misses its precision. And you get what you asked for – the best inkjet printer for 300gsm card

If your life revolves around a smartphone, verily, it would be the ultimate choice for your home. Even when you are away from your home, drinking coffee in the nearby cafe or a friend’s house, just one click and it’ll be printed.

How important and alluring the feature of it is! To be true, it is a productivity checker. Fortunately, in busy schedules, by using your Alexa or Google Home you can voice-command it to print. No hands or extra time needed.

Believe us, this saves tonnes of time. Aside from the voice feature, it has the enhancing technology to print any photo or document from the cloud to social media. And the best part is it also scans your smartphone camera to give you the best results.

After all this, the question of connectivity is totally irrelevant. Of course, it has the easiest and fastest connection with your smartphone and dual-band WiFi.

Hence, don’t miss this deal to make your home trendy, smart and your work faster with this tech-giant of HP Tango printers.

What We Liked
  • High-tech features
  • Remote functions
  • Voice-activated features
  • Professional quality printouts
What Need Improvement
  • Small tray
  • Don’t work without WiFi

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3. Epson All-in-One Color EcoTank ET-2760 – Best Epson Printer for 300GSM Card

epson ecotank et 2760

Next, on the list, we have another astounding printer that is hundred percent within your budget. Come, meet Epson EcoTank Wireless Color Printer. This is just the tip of the iceberg, follow us to know more about its nitty-gritty.

Making it the best Epson Printer for 300gsm card, the feature that helped Epson stand out in the crowd is its multi-functional capability. Would you believe if told that it is a printer, copier, and scanner simultaneously? We doubt.

But the real story has some plot twists. Epson glorifies itself to be the 3-in-1 printer having an inbuilt copier and scanner. The scanner guarantees the highest resolution whereas the copier ensures easy navigation.

Wanna know what we liked most about this? It has a double-sided printing feature. Those of us who print regularly know how agonizing it is. Single mismanagement and you wasted a whole paper.

Luckily, not anymore. This amazing technique saves pages and our time.

Aside from that, often our printing experience ends with headaches. With the innovative cartridge with a huge capacity, you don’t need small bottles or ink tanks frequently. This doesn’t save you from stress but also bundles of dollars.

And finally, the printing quality is meticulous, something so sharp and keen that you must see it to believe it. Using heat-free precision technology the black pigmented illustrates every dot and shape on your cards with minute detailing.

We highly recommend this printer to anyone who is new to this and have budget boundaries. Try it at a reasonable price and get the all extra premium features in this.

What We Liked
  • Easy to use
  • 3-in-1 one technology
  • Dual side printouts
  • Huge inkjet cartridge
What Need Improvement
  • Noisy
  • Takes a bit of time to print

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4. HP Color LaserJet Pro M283FDW – Best Laser Printer for 300GSM Card

hp color laserjet m283fdw

By attaining the title of best laser printer for 300gsm card, our 4th product is one of the serial-killer of performance. Although you have met this brand before, it still has loads of trendy features that you have never heard of.

Running always in a limited stock edition due to the huge customer demands, it doesn’t fail to retain as the best laser printer for 300gsm card. To put it succinctly, it has multidimensional functions starting from printing, copying, and scanning to faxing works. Sounds great, right?

Too good to be true. But it’s the real world fenced with virtual and remote technology. Competing with its fellow brands, HP Color LaserJet doesn’t forget to introduce some remote-friendly accessibility. Therefore, now you can print, scan, and manage notifications on the go.

The added benefit of this technicality is that you get access to smart customizable printouts to do your job 50% faster than any other device. With the help of the HP apps, you can easily organize and eliminate documents which automatically makes your work easy to flow.

A phenomenal facet that is uniquely diverse in HP is its security aspect. The strong security of the printer has enabled a high level of prevention of an attack on your business-sensitive and confidential information. All thanks to HP Color LaserJet Pro.

Furthermore, after such huge validations, you’re getting a hardware warranty of 1 year to save you from every extra trouble that you may face. So, isn’t this something for your wish list?

What We Liked
  • All-in-one feature
  • Security concerned
  • Fast printing speed
  • Remote access
What Need Improvement
  • Tricky setup process
  • High maintenance cost

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5. Punehod L1800 DTF Transfer Printer – Best A3 Printer for 300GSM Card

punehod l1800

And in the end, we have another impressive printer, especially for windows users. Take a look at Punehod DTF Transfer Printer, the best A3 printer for 300gsm card, which has successfully thrived in recent years. How about finding out more about it?

First and foremost, the primary function that seems to attract the crowd’s attention and wallets is the reduced paper jam feature. We know, how much you have suffered for this shitty thing. And now, see how lucky we are to have printers like Punehod who have genuinely rescued us from this hell.

Apart from saving you from the banging-your-fist-in-the-world experience, this whole construction improves the printing performance by delivering high-speed printouts. So, don’t you think it is an unbelievably useful revolution?

Moving down, Punehod has other greatnesses. One of them is the white ink management technique. What this feature does is really alienated this industry. It simply mixes and recycles white ink to minimize head clogs. Ouch! No one thought this before.

And wanna know why this feature is so so important? Because this maximizes your printer life service. In a word, get an unwritten pact of durability and reliability from Punehood itself.

Some eye-opening features, right? We think it definitely worth a shot. Do you?

What We Liked
  • Upgraded roll feeder
  • Ink recycling technology
  • Long lifetime service
  • Fast printing
What Need Improvement
  • Only suitable for Windows
  • Do not have smart features

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How to Set Up a Printer?

Having chosen the perfect pair for your works, the problem people often face is setting a printer up. Though most of them have pretty effortless setup procedures, for a newbie this may look no less than wreaking havoc.

And then getting a plethora of advice from family and friends, we scratch our heads in perplexity. What is the simplest way to do it? How do you set up a printer easily with less pressure?

Firstly, connect the printer with your system. Open the setting menu and add your printer by tapping the add printer and devices options. Later on, follow the instructions given on your desktop. Finally, download the drivers. And yes! It’s done.

This was a short teaser of what the work may look like. If you want to be a pro in this work, follow our in-depth, detailed step-by-step guide to learn all the tricks of setting up a printer.

So, friend, dive through it.

Step 1- Connect the Printer:

The first and most crucial step, without which you can’t do anything, is connecting your printer. This isn’t a big deal. You have to just connect it with the system that you used.

Don’t panic. Use USB cables and connect one part with the printer and the other part with the desktop that you are using. And your first lesson is done.

Step 2- Open the Settings Menu:

Now, it’s your time to set up things and take them to the next level. And for this what can be our working hub except for the settings menu of Windows 7/8/10.

To open the setting menu, go to the search bar beside your window’s tab. Search for the “Setting” menu there. Click on the results, and see how the setting menu is opened on the screen.

Step 3- Add Printer:

This is the most important task. Inside the settings, you will find an option named ‘“Devices”; click on it. This will reveal a bunch of other options in front of you.

Now, here you’ll find options for adding printers and devices. Yes, that’s your call. Choose it.

And from here, your desktop will start working. When you click that, it will start to scan and detect every device that is connected to your PC or laptop. Once, the scanning is over, hover through it to find your printer name and click it.

Step 4- Follow the Instructions:

After you have added your printer, you see a list of instructions on your screen. That is enough to take you to the next level.

However, if you haven’t found your printer in the scanned results yet, then the work is a little bit twisted for you. Nope, it’s not that hard. Just select the option indicating “My printer isn’t listed”.

This gives Window a command to find your device again. Once it is found you can follow the manual instruction to go to the next steps.

Step 5- Download the Drivers:

From here on, your work is kinda done. Now, it’s time for your system to do the rest.

All the associated drivers for this file will be downloaded at this point. Literally, you have no work rather than clicking yes to permission boxes that appear time and again.

That’s it. Congratulations, you have successfully set up a printer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What GSM is a printer card?

Typically a card of 300 to 350gsm is the ideal paper weight that a printer card might have. But there’s no rule for it. You will also find cards of various gsm ranging from 75, and that’s totally alright.

Is 300GSM paper or card?

300gsm is a paper. We all should note that gsm refers to the weight of the paper, not the thickness the paper. And the myth busted!

How much GSM can a printer take?

Laser printers have less gsm capacity, unlike the inkjets ones. Inkjet printers can take up to 350 – 400gsm cards easily without any issue.

How does a printer work?

Using driver specialized software, printers convert a digital image or writing to physical copies. These images are recreated on paper with the help of billions and billions of tiny dots.

Wrapping Up

With this, we have knit the strings of end beads. Hopefully, this has been a great expedition for you. Without any hesitation, we believe, you’ll be able to choose the best printer for 300gsm card right now.

Yet, if you felt confused, we suggest you go through the key features and the pros and cons section for your ease. Don’t think too much. Pick one from our detailed list.

Best of luck with your printing! And don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us. We wait for you.

See ya! Goodbye!