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Who Are We? is the best friend of those who desperately seeks ideas and needs helps in the homely chores. Here, we offer practical tips and real-life hacks along with quick DIYs to make your place the home you need. From improving your house to decorating your garden, “Revive Authority” has everything covered.

Every day millions of our followers learn new ways to refurbish their decor, beautify their garden, and complete the most challenging jobs in a few minutes. This dedicated little corner of the web is like a heaven for DIY lovers, and we are grateful for that.

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We are a team of spirited and passionate professionals fueled to help people on their daily to-do lists. Behind, we have a group of experts – engineers, landscapers, welders, gardeners, registered technicians, and best-crafted bloggers – to help the people from their extensive knowledge and experience.

We ensure our followers get the correct facts within the fastest possible time. Our content undergoes several quality checks and modifications before publishing.

Eli Williams (Author)

Hi! I am Eli Williams.  From my early life, I used to write about construction. It is the only thing that grabs my interest.  As a result, I chose to be an architect.

Graduating with a degree in architecture from the University of California, I am now working for nearly 20 years in this industry. However, architecture was not a mere job for me; it was my obsession, passion, and everything. Not to mention, but my weekends are often stuffed with home projects and DIYs at home.

I am still learning, and I often enjoy learning and building things. Regardless, I knew my experiences and knowledge could help the newbies, so I thought to write it down. So, yes, here I am, writing down my construction hacks solely for you.

Jessica Hernandez (Author)

Hello, it’s Jessica Hernandez. I earned my Master’s in Education from New York University.

I am a proud gardener. Our front yard is the perfect representation of my affection and gardening hobby. It all started after I installed a fountain on my own when I was younger.

I realized back then we didn’t need any expert when we could living smartly and stylish life independently with a bit of guidance. And for this, I decided to share all nooks and crannies of my experience to help those struggling. Hopefully, this will be an incredible journey of togetherness with you.

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Every article relies on trustworthy sources and experienced team members who have done the work in real life. Our talented team members worked and researched days and nights to provide you with fact-checked and accurate information.

In “,” we strive to create the best content. Our content comprises detailed guidelines to how-tos, reviews for the best tools of the industry, plus interactive FAQs to answer your quick questions.

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