Best Anode Rod 2022 – Grab The Water Heater Tank Rods!

It’s gruesome. It’s frustrating to see your favorite water tank getting damaged gradually. And you have literally no way than to see it optionless. Isn’t there any solution to it? We know tap water has harmful minerals to corrode water tanks, but does it justified to stay silent in this painful torture?

No dear. Never. Instead, we should find some way out of this problem. Changing water tanks or heaters frequently can never be a good idea. However, a trendy, demanding product of the market would definitely solve your wreaking havoc.

This is nothing but the anode rods. You, surely, have heard its name before. The problem we are facing couldn’t have a better solution than this. But, there’s a catch. If you land on low-quality rods, your experience will be no less than a nightmare.

best anode rod

That’s why we think you deserve the best anode rods for your work. And finding and presenting that in front of you is our responsibility, honey.

Here, for your ease, we covered the top-performing, best anode rods of this industry, why people find them so helpful and how can you also easily install them at your home. Interesting! Plus, you are also getting an insightful FAQs section to solve your queries.

Have a little time to check this out? Go for it!

What Do People Like About Anode Rod?

To be true, there are myriads of reasons why people, why we, like anode rods. Nonetheless, for a beginner who is still unsure of an anode rod, this checklist would be the most perfect deciding factor.

Hence, we tried to jot down some main features of the anode rod that we find really helpful in our lives.

  • Prevents corrosion: While you’ll be using anode rods, they interact with the tap water itself protecting the water heater. As a result, no rust or corrosion will occur under the protective measures of the anode rod.
  • Durable and robust: Though it continuously mixes and gets drenched with water, it never gets damaged or degraded so easily. Thanks to its robust body which makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • Eliminates egg smell: Often, the hydrogen sulfide gas, and sulfur mixed with the water create an egg smell. Luckily, these anode rods are systematically functioned to remove this smell and make your water cleaner.
  • Lowers limescale buildup: Limescale or calcium molecules, in simple words, are deposited around the tanks and thus pollute the water. But with anode rods, you will definitely not have to experience this hardship. They reduce this accumulation and prevent the formation of calcite.
  • Adaptive powers: From wherever your water comes from it does not matter as long as you use anode rods. So, be it city water or well, an anode rod will adapt accordingly and provide adequate protection.

1. Corro-Protec Eliminates Rotten Egg/Sulfur Smell Anode Rod – Best Anode Rod for Smelly Water

corro protec anode rod

First of all, let’s welcome the ground-breaking, premium-quality product on our list. It is the one and only, all-time favorite Corro-Protec Anode Rod for Water Heater. But wonder why it’s the only stop for most of us?

The 12-year laboratory-tested product has some great things up in its sleeves. Now, it’s the turn to explore it one by one.

To begin with, the best part is the advanced powered system. This technology removes the rotten egg smell from the water caused by hydrogen sulfide. No doubt it is the best anode rod for smelly water.

Then comes its corrosion resistive features. And we must say it is mind-blowing. How much hard your water maybe it doesn’t matter, the Corro-Protec has your back.

And how does it do that? With the help of a permanent corrosion protection layer. Hell yes! In the internal parts, the corrosion protective layer protects the weak points of the tank from corrosion.

And at the bottom of that, this whole system also reduces the limescale accumulation, the best thing a rod could provide. So, chill; no more extra pain for maintaining that.

So, with the significant number of features, it is definitely a must-try product on our list.

What We Liked
  • Removes odor
  • Internal protection activated
  • Energy-saving design
  • Detailed manuals
What Need Improvement
  • Needs different socket
  • Pricey

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2. Fixodor Titanium Residential Anode Rod – Best Anode Rod for Hard Water

fixodor rod

Having the name suggesting “fixing odors” from the water, the second product is blasting with reviews and compliments. Accredited as the best anode rod for hard water, it’s worthy of our time.

Firstly, the anode rod has an epic design and magnificent function, combining to make it one of the top-grossing products. With the titanium body, the rod doesn’t fail to retain its long-lasting durability. 

Not to mention, the otherworldy features of protection have taken this product to a whole new level. An implication of its performance is how effectively it can secure the interior parts of the water tank along with the exterior ones.

Similar to the first product, this product is also well-known for its power to reduce the smells of the water. The name as well as the manufacturer pledges with this rod you’ll never face the horrible egg smell until this life.

What about the fitting system? We know it bothers you, but it truly does! And keeping that in mind the product is engineered to fit perfectly with the 90% of the water gallon ranging from ten to ninety.

Who doesn’t want assurance? Well, we all want it. And having a 5-year long warranty with such wonderous features really seals the deal. With this, Fixodor really ceases all the second thoughts.

What We Liked
  • Fits at nearly all heaters
  • Prevents smelly water
  • Perfect for hard water
  • Extra corrosion protection
What Need Improvement
  • Take time to show the effect
  • Don’t fit Bradford White and Bock

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3. Corrosion Gaurd Powered Anode Rod – Best Anode Rod for Well Water

corrosion gaurd powered rod

Going below the list, meet another chart-topping product- Corrosion Gaurd Powered Anode Rod. Backed up by 30 years of service testing and implementation, this product outperforms the traditional anode rods in countless ways.

Being the best rod for well water, it flexibly adapts to any water composition. As a result, rods give supreme protection and the users get total satisfaction. 

Apart from that, the striking difference between the Corrosion Gaurd and the traditional rods is its lifetime. With a guaranteed 20-year design life, this anode rod is built with robust titanium to provide year-after-year performance.

The most pleasing factor is how the products are doing their work – protecting them from corrosion. Yes! Unlike the standard rods, these rods have one-time permanent corrosion protective features to give you eternal service. 

And lastly, this product, too, takes care of the rotten-egg smell for you. This makes the rod stand out in the crowd and provides your watery investment a safe space.

What We Liked
  • Eliminates bad smell
  • 24-hour corrosion protection
  • Durable product
  • No maintenance required
What Need Improvement
  • Needs extra effort to install
  • Power supply needed

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4. Oneness 369 Anode Rod – Best Anode Rod for RV Water Heater

oneness 369 rod

Next, here comes another market-crasher brand of Oneness Anode Rod. From premium manufacturing to individualized engineering, the product is a match made in heaven for RV owners.

Yes, it is the best anode for RV water heater. Keeping this in mind, the brand endeavors day and night to fulfill its mission – to bring some joy and relaxation to all RV owners – with its product.

Along with thinking about performance, Oneness also takes care of safety. For this, they replaced their material with titanium to magnesium. Magnesium not only serves as a durable alternative by preventing rust but also keeps your water safe and clean.

With a certified warranty of 1-year, Oneness promises money back for your every disappointment. Undoubtedly the robust body works completely to help the brand keeps its promise. A win-win case right?

All in all, this product, being compatible with Suburban RV water heaters, can be a great addition to your home. And, RV owners, this might be your call, friend.

What We Liked
  • 2-pack in one
  • Made with safe materials
  • Premium quality
  • 12-year warranty
What Need Improvement
  • Not smell-protective
  • Limited size available

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5. Aluminum Zinc Water Heater Anode Rod – Best Anode Rod for Softened Water

aluminum zinc water heater rod

And last but least, we have our show’s topper. Have a look at the Water Connection Anode Rod. Wondering why we are so head over heels in love with this? Well, we think, gazing below would give you the answer.

For us, the main selling feature of this product is its adaptability to softened water. As popular as it is as the best anode rod for softener water, this product does not need a water softener. Sound good!

Aside from this, you don’t need a performance check to believe its astounding features. Believe us, the aluminum-zinc layered anode rod surpluses the rest of the products. You can try yourself to see its magic.

Then comes its super-duper ultra smell resistive measures. Using this you’ll never get rotten smelly water. Pay for what you deserve only.

And the icing on your cookies is how friendly and easy it is to fit into any water heater. Well, it might feel like we are exaggerating. But, honey, it is true. You can cut its length to fit into any water heater which is the best part.

With so many aesthetics and amazing skill sets, missing this seems like a big loss. Do you feel the same? Why not give it a try.

What We Liked
  • Reduces smell
  • Aluminium-zinc layered
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Alternative to water softener
What Need Improvement
  • Not powered
  • Moderate quality

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How To Install An Anode Rod?

Choosing a perfect anode rod for your water tank is half of the battle. The main part comes at installation. A lot of us think of it as a tiring job, they think major luck is needed to get over this process.

Although, we don’t believe that. Rather, we believe it to be some mingling of simple steps.

So what are those? How to install an anode rod easily and perfectly?

What you just read is a quick walkthrough. Below are the elaborate versions of them approved and advised by the experts and professionals.

Sweep through it to know all the hacks.

Step 1- Turn Off the Circuit:

Before jumping to any further work, it would be good if we switch off all the powers of the circuit or thermostat of the water tank. This simple technique would make your work faster and swifter.

Also, look for the valves in the cold water supply line. We may have to turn it off sometimes before switching off the water at the pump.

Step 2- Find the Anode Rod:

Finding anode rods can be confusing. There is one general rule for this – it is often located on the top side of the unit. You can also try to find it near the top connected to the hot water outlet.

Nevertheless, if you fail to locate it in these locations, follow the manual for extra guidance. You are also free to consult the manufacturing website in any trouble or confusion.

Step 3- Remove Some Water:

Removing or adjusting anode rods can be difficult if your water tank is already heavy. Therefore, if we drain out some of the water from the tank, the next step would be a cakewalk.

To do this, use a garden hose connected to the water tank. Extend that to the plumbing drain and remove about ten percent of the water from it. However, for side-mounted anode rods, you may need to drain more water from the tank.

Step 4- Take off Anode Rod:

Now, you have to remove the old anode rod using a wrench or socket. Though most of the time wrench will be enough, breaking bars or sockets may also come in handy in difficult situations. Whatever you do, try to tighten the anode rod as it will make the work easier.

One thing, do not use liquid oils to make the rod loosen up. We repeat, NEVER USE OIL. It may later mix with your water and as a result, contaminate it.

Step 5- Position the Anode Rod:

As you have chosen the anode rod that works perfectly in your home, now it is time to install it perfectly.

To do that, turn the new anode rod clockwise until it is too tight to put any force. Then turn it once or twice with the wrench. And it is good to go.

Step 6- Switch On the Supply:

As the main works are done, you can now turn on the water supply. Open the valve that you have previously closed.

Monitor the water flow and leaks. If all is okay, adjust the thermostat to the normal temperature and turn on the power source.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01- What Does an Anode Rod Do?

Answer: The main function of the anode rod is to prevent the water tank from rusting and corrosion. They do this by attracting the sediments and elements that corrode metals to themselves.

Question 02- Are All Anode Rods the Same Size?

Answer: To be real, no. There are plentiful types and sizes of anode rods, ranging from 30 to 44 inches. But, don’t worry, it fits all ¾ sockets.

Question 03- Can You Run a Water Heater Without an Anode Rod?

Answer: Obviously, you can. Nonetheless, the question should be – does it makes any difference. Absolutely yes. You must need to have an anode rod to run a water heater to protect it from rust and damaging effects.

Question 04- Do All Water Heaters Have Anode Rods?

Answer: All the water heaters which are more or less like tanks have anodes. If they want to protect it, it is mandatory to have anode rods. Though, open tanks are exceptional in this case.

Question 05- How Often Does an Anode Rod Need to be Replaced?

Answer: Normally, the anode rods last for 4 to 6 years. That means, replacing an anode rod after 4-5 years is good for you. After that, they start to show warning signs of decay.

Wrapping Up

Give a pat to yourself for reading this in-depth piece. We believe now you can easily decide the best anode rod for your water tank. If not, don’t hesitate, to pick one today from our list.

For further queries, feel free to drop your questions below. We will surely answer all turn by turn.

Till then, stay happy and blessed. See ya!