Best Bullet Heater 2022 – Today’s Top Trending Heaters!

Sometimes, winter becomes a curse than a blessing. A lot of work remains undone for this low temperature. And the cold feet and hands that make you feel like a corpse are loathly disgusting. Do you feel this too? Don’t you think it seems a magical divine gift if we could carry our heating system everywhere outside our cozy bedroom?

There is no wrong in wanting that. And the turning point is people have really thought of this and made this fantasy a real life. Yes, and for this, bullet heaters are created. Whether it is for icy-cold days or specific work, now you can carry your heater with you wherever you want.

best bullet heater

You can hear hundreds and thousands of bullet heaters are available. But in real life, choosing one from them is as perplexing as algebra. And finding out the best one…is a dream!

However, you should not have to worry so much about this question. Because we’ve got you. Our whole team researched for weeks to come up with a detailed analysis of the best bullet heaters that are currently ruling.

Now, it’s your turn to move down and enjoy. So, go on!

What Do People Like About Bullet Heater?

Bullet heaters are always a part of gossip because of their versatile uses and features. Well, you know, except heating your cold body, it has one significant role – keep your projects working. So, it is no new story that they would be so popular.

Let’s get familiar with the features for which it is demanded.

  • Portable: Usually, heaters are not so cool to carry; they are heavier than we think. But bullet heater wins in this race because of its easy-to-carry feature.
  • Safety features enabled: It is no wonder that it is portable and meant to be safe to carry. And yes, it is. No burns or scorches, only fun, and magic.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor: This is true for most bullet heaters. This saves you from an extra hassle and lets you be ready anytime.
  • No harmful gases emitted: It feels like a fairy tale, right? But, dear, it is truer than daylight itself. No toxic gases like carbon monoxide or compounds of carbon are released. This ensures your better health.
  • Affordable: The factor that we all aspire for – cost-friendliness. In the modern era, not all products are within our grasp. But bullet heater is one of the most affordable pieces out there made only for you. 

So, that’s all the alluring traits that a bullet heater would typically have. But to choose wisely and get an in-and-out look, we should explore more deeply.

For this, a great list of the top 10 best bullet heater products of the market awaits below. Allow us to lead you there.

1. Dura Heat GFA60A 30K-60K BTU’s Propane (LP) Heater – Best Propane Bullet Heater

dura heat gfa60a

Before anything else, it’s time to introduce our top pick of today’s list with a massive round of applause. It is none other than Dura Heat Propane Air Heater.

This Chinese product has a groundbreaking quality – it runs continuously for 7 to 14 hours with just 20 lb of propane gas. Hence, it is the best propane bullet heater you will ever meet.

Next, the forced air heating technology helps to circulate heat energy throughout your room. With some accessible steps, you can efficiently operate and optimize it.

Another striking facet is how it is functions to produce variable heat. Primarily in between 30 000 to 60 000 BTU. Wanna know why it’s so helpful? Whether high or low voltage, it keeps you safe.

This durable and well-constructed product is already so strong that it could go on for ages after ages. But this does not limit them from giving a warranty.’ll get a year of confirmed security with Dura Heat Heaters.

What We Liked
  • High efficiency
  • Forced heating system
  • The safest option in the market
  • Warranty available
What Need Improvement
  • No electrical switch
  • Noisy

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2. Dura Heat EUH4000R Electric Forced Air Heater – Best Electric Bullet Heater

dura heat euh4000r

Our upcoming bullet heater comes from the same brand of Dura Heat, with an exception. It is run solely by electricity, and it earned this position by its ambidexterities. Well, have a look.

Are you planning to use a heating system in a workshop? Wait, in a warehouse? Or is it an agricultural firm? It has all covered for you. Believe it or not, get all in one function in this product of Dura Heat.

Now, move to the power. It would be an understatement to say it has the highest power output. Can you imagine it can heat every 500 sq. feet in a matter of minutes? A real hero without a cape. Hence, we never regret calling this the best electric bullet heater.

Being the creation of the same manufacturer, it has some similarities. The most noteworthy one is its autonomous forced airflow system. And you already know how much useful this is.

Meanwhile, this bullet heater has one particular function that we ignored. You guessed it right – the safety ensuring design. We are so pleased to say that these heaters have auto shut-off capabilities to turn themselves close when the heat is in excess.

What We Liked
  • Remote control system
  • More rapid heat
  • Can cover a large area
  • Overheat shut off
What Need Improvement
  • High voltage needed
  • The thermostat has some lackings

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3. Mr. Heater F271390 125,000 BTU Forced Air Propane Heater – Best Bullet Patio Heater

mr heater f271390

Looking for a propane heater without the smell of gas is a dream. But our third favorite has made this dream a reality. It’s not all dear; it is packed with various features that will soon unfold.

Starting off, this heater has a unique design especially suitable for the consumer’s needs. The split barrel design makes it convenient for your uses.

But, are looks all? Nope! You gotta have something out of the box. And that feature is the elevated efficiency of heat output of up to 3000+ sq. ft. Unbelievable! This astounding element has been the real cause of its market ruling title of best bullet patio heater.

Moreover, an added specialty of this heater is its quietness. We agree it is pretty hard to believe. But the manufacturer itself guarantees 50% greater noise-proof operating.

The word portability is not enough to make it easy to carry – we need actual actionable features. Don’t worry. Mr. Heater has this in store for you. Consist of heavy-duty handles, it ensures your entire satisfaction.

Don’t you think it’s totally worthy of your needs?

What We Liked
  • Durable design
  • Quiet burner technology
  • Regulated by thermostat
  • Easy to carry
What Need Improvement
  • Assembly required
  • Unprofessional regulator designing

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4. Dyna Glo Workhorse KFA80WH – Best Kerosene Bullet Heater

dyna glo workhorse kha80wh

If you have stuck your eyes on this product, our friend, you are no different. Dyna-Glo Kerosene Heater is one of the top-grossing products also known as the best kerosene bullet heater.

Now, it’s the shot for the construction design of this bullet heater. Scrutinizing the contentment of the users, this heater is made up of a dual cord system and cord wrap.

Likewise, the previous product has a firm grip handle for better portability functions. This item is also lightweight, which is an added specialty. Hopefully, you will be stress-free with it.

With a consistent record of no negative reviews, Dyna-Glo Heater has a superb power output of an uninterrupted supply of 9 hours covering 2000 sq. ft. And it produces all of this from one single tank.

Furthermore, if you are bewildered about which fuel to use, it also has an answer. The manufacturer personally recommended 1-K Kerosene for optimum performance. So, it’s all good, right?

What We Liked
  • Huge output
  • Accessible operation
  • Dual power source
  • No battery required
What Need Improvement
  • Not suitable for indoors
  • Needs adequate ventilation

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5. Pro Temp PT 175T KFA – Best Diesel Bullet Heater

pro temp pt 175t kfa

Well, halfway down the list, you might like to greet with our 5th product from Pro-Temp. We liked this product a lot because it has an infinite number of splendid qualities and the price is very reasonable. 

How about looking into those unforgettable factors? Let’s start then.

It’s better to focus on the output first. The versatile heater is operated by diesel for more than 175 000 BTU. Being one of the best diesel bullet heaters in this industry, it has the record to supply heat for as long as 9.5 hours. 

In addition to this, it has immense power to heat up the enormous constructive sites or worksites of more than 4000+ sq. ft. Incredible! And it does this with just a 13-gallon tank.

And now comes another important part – the design and material. Made with rigid steel construction, it has air pressure and fuel gauges, and a flexible handle. Plus, there are wheels for convenient mobility of the heater.

Apart from these, Pro-Temp has undoubtedly thought about you. Hence, they provided an in-built thermostat with a heater to regulate the heat and consistently monitor the temperature.

Unsurprisingly, these advanced techniques have time and again helped the users to exceed their expectations.

What We Liked
  • Easy movement
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Provides non-stop performance
What Need Improvement
  • Loud sound
  • Fewer safety features

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6. DeWalt F340720 DXH125FAV Forced Air Propane Heater – Best DeWalt Bullet Heater

dewalt f340720

Meet 6th wonder of our list – DeWalt Propane Air Heater. Why do you think it obtained its position?

Well, let’s reveal the mystery. First off, focus on the constitution. It has a rugged surface with a split barrel system, which helps it to maintain. Also, remaining clean is a must, and DeWalt ensures this.

Do you know this is the best DeWalt bullet heater? Yes, it is for sure. And there are a plethora of reasons behind it. One of them is quieter technology, and you know how invaluable it is. And so we all cherished this item.

Other than this, there is a temperature limit to confirm your safety and well-being. The auto shut down techniques are too good that you won’t even believe before trying yourself.

Lastly, you already know we don’t recommend you without being 100% sure of its quality. To put it clearly, it has long-lasting performance with supreme competence. We all are in love with this; you will love it too.

What We Liked
  • Very effective
  • Durable
  • Quieter
  • Helpful construction
What Need Improvement
  • Apt for a small region
  • No thermostat

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7. Craftsman CMXEHAO80FAK Forced Air Kerosene Heater – Best Craftsman Bullet Heater

craftsman cmxehaO80fak

Moving down the list, there is another beneficial alternative for you. Try this Craftsman Kerosene Air Heater. Don’t believe it yet? Okay, go down to see its specialties.

This bullet heater, one of the best craftsman bullet heaters, is an all-time favorite of customers. It has enhanced quality with an eye-catching design. Specialized to make it convenient for the users, manufacturers intentionally made it split-barrel shaped.

This is not all. There are several other plus points of this machine. Namely, one of them is its colossal production of heat up to a larger area of 2000+ sq. ft.

Well, you may have been tired of hearing, but Craftsman Bullet Heater has not tired of giving yet. It also provides you with an especially installed thermostat. And you know already how swiftly you can work with this?

And lastly, security has always remained the top priority for this brand. And this time, it succeeded in keeping its reputation. Hence, a remarkable advanced power off technology includes auto shutting down the heater at a high temperature.

What We Liked
  • Rigid structure
  • Safety features included
  • Flame sensors installed
  • High output of heat
What Need Improvement
  • Ventilation required
  • Louder noise

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8. Master MH-60V-GFA 60,000 BTU LP Forced Air Heater – Best Master Bullet Heater

master mh 60v gfa

Looking for something with an unparalleled reputation and unbeatable ranking? Something small yet sturdy and robust? Take a look at the best Master bullet heater of all time. Actions matter more than work, and they prove it correct.

If you have less propane left but need to finish the work, this might be your pair. This CSA-certified heater is famed for working with just 20 lb of propane, and it may seem scarcely credible. Yet, our pal, it is true.

Nonetheless, the main USP of the product lies in a different area. It is the heating system. Not only you’ll get a variable heating scheme but also angled heating according to your requirement. Yes, it is so rare. Plus, continuous inflammation is distributed through electricity.

And what about your safety? Dear, you are in safe hands. Along with the auto shut-off function, it gives a thermocouple and flame-out edge. Apart from that, the enclosed gas system is also there.

Who gives so much flexibility? Again at such an affordable rate? Simply no one. You should at least try it once in your lifetime.

What We Liked
  • All rounded in safety techniques
  • Small, sturdy, and reliable
  • Runs in less fuel
  • Variable heat settings
What Need Improvement
  • Less output
  • Emission of carbon monoxide

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9. Remington REM-60V-GFA-O 1500 Square feet Heater – Best Remington Bullet Heater

remington rem 60v gfa o heater

Next up, there is another famous and desirable product that you might find worth looking into. Fortunately, this is the best Remington bullet heater of this brand, and they seem to publicly promote it for this. But why is this so? Any ideas?

Yup, we know why. This multi-talented heater is one of the most genuine and reliable ones. It has a unique construction that is so rare to find anywhere.

Let’s move to its high power supply. Evidently, it might not make any sense. Still, Remington provides a considerable energy supply for longer than usual regular heaters. An interesting fact is that it is much cheaper than other similar ones.

And don’t ask us about its heating quality. It is beyond the world. With a world-class ignition, and a gifted angular heating system, this bullet heater makes it stand out in the whole market.

And don’t forget about the warranty of 1 year. That is the most impressive thing. What more assurance of better quality is there?

What We Liked
  • Above required airflow
  • High output
  • Covers a large area
  • Indestructible body
What Need Improvement
  • Not for indoor uses
  • Poisonous gas released

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10. L.B. White Natural Gas Portable Heater – Best Gas Bullet Heater

lb natural gas portable heater

We are near the end of our recommendation catalog. Now, it’s time to end our top 10 list with LB. White Portable Heater. Even though it is the final product, it has a lot more to offer than the competitor brands of the industry.

Firstly, it has a well-furnished white body with a sophisticated design. It, unquestionably, has the most attractive design. Coupling with this, the small and compact look gives a different vibe.

It is so small. Will it be that powerful? These negative thoughts are normal. Honey, you should not judge a book by its cover. It has a tremendous workflow. As tested, it can produce up to 155 000 BTU. You can examine it yourself.

This brings us to another extraordinary feature. Safety functions. Similarly, it has adaptable qualities and characteristics to ensure it, such as spark ignition safety, auto-off in excess heat, shield, and others.

And to conclude, we just want to say that it may be costly, but rest assured you’re going to get the most exquisite quality in this heater.

What We Liked
  • Attractive design
  • Prevent spark and excess heat
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Warranty available
What Need Improvement
  • Sound pollution
  • Suitable for large areas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are bullet heaters safe indoors?

An electric bullet heater can be perfectly safe to use indoors. However, propane or kerosene run heaters may be risky as there is a high chance of emission of carbon monoxide. To make it safe, make sure a well-ventilated room.

How does a bullet heater work?

It hugely depends on the type of fuel present in the bullet heater. The heater allows colder air to sink down, and the hotter air rises upwards. This makes your room as hot as you want.

Is the bullet heater worth it?

Of course, it is. And you already know why. Bullet heaters are the only solution for portable heating.

Wrapping Up

Our today’s journey ends here. We hope you find this article worthwhile and have already shortlisted your favorite ones.

If you feel confused, worry not. Go through the pros and cons of each product. And surely you will land on the best bullet heater for you.

Make your decision wisely. Wish you good luck champ!