Best Chimney Crown Sealer 2022 – Today’s Top Chimney Sealers!

Rain can be fun until it drizzles right into your chimney, making it filthy and damp. It is so irritating! How could someone clean it so often! The situation is even worse when the sky forgets to switch off its raining torment.

You won’t probably have an entire day to clean and wash your chimneys. So, what are the solutions? Hun, now is the time to think of something ingenious, something budget-friendly, that would be our knight in shining armor.

The chimney crown sealer gives you the best of rainy days. It is a magical sealer that creates a layer on your chimney and blocks any drop of water that flows through it.

best chimney crown sealer

However, you need the best chimney crown sealer to get those magical results. And choosing the real hero from the thousands of brands is a back-breaking work.

And that’s where we play. After reevaluating by our team of experts and testing time and again, we handpicked the top 5 best chimney crown sealers for you. Also, there are bonus sections to help you get started.

So, here we go. Stick around with us to know the top picks.

What Do People Like About Chimney Crown Sealers?

In snow or rain, chimney crown sealers are trendy among their users. If you have used them once, you’ll surely fall head over heels for them. But why? What is that which would turn your heads?

To be honest, there are countless reasons which can’t be put all together. Nevertheless, we tried to give a briefing on some of the main ones.

  • Waterproof: We have acknowledged its privileges and are sure of its protective measures against water. Hence, what can be an excellent solution to stop water leakage from chimneys.
  • Fast and Flexible: The flexible coating not only allows random use but also dries faster to prevent any more damage to your home. Less fuss, more work.
  • Easy to apply: The solvent is neither too dense nor too watery – perfect for brushing it. Applying a layer of two or three inches with a brush is enough for several years.
  • Within budget: The greatest boons of this is the lower price. We all deserve something cheaper that would not raise our mental pressure in emergencies.
  • Eco-friendly: The last thing you expected, right? But believe dear, it is true. No harmful chemical mixture is present and that makes them more appealing to the customers.

Now is the happy hour to meet the thundering group of the crown sealers. Let’s name them one by one.

1. CHIMNEYRX Brushable Chimney Crown Repair Sealer

chimneyrx chimney sealer

First, we want to crown ChimneyRX Chimney Crown Repair, the most demanding and desirable crown sealer on the market. After such a commendable entry, it is only justified if we glimpse its other-worldly features.

To start with, it is well formulated by a large team of professionals to prevent any and all types of fireplaces and let alone chimneys from water intrusion. With a special recipe, the sealer tends to do this work more ideally than any other brand.

And it seems the internet also agrees to this with us! With a favorable rating of 4.80 out of 5, the sealer dominates nearly 70% of the homes in the US.

And why not? Except for the water leakage, the product also works brilliantly with chimney cracks. Two in one facility, only in one brush stroke.

Oh, did we say you can brush it easily for more than 3-inch in a single stroke?

If not, then now you know it. The perfect mixture of the sealer has made it not too dense or too shallow. As a result, you got what you wanted – an easy application.

Through our experience, we can guarantee that ChimneyRX would give you the ease of use and ulterior power to serve generation after generation. Get a gallon that would cover almost 40+ feet with some easy bucks. To miss it would be a sheer loss!

What We Liked
  • Superb power
  • Prevents water entry and cracks
  • Easy application
  • Only one stroke is enough
What Need Improvement
  • Can dry faster
  • Durability depends on your application

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2. Chimney Water-Based Waterproofer Brick Sealer

chimney water based brick sealer

Originally manufactured under the strict supervision of high-quality materials in Indiana, the Chimney Brick Siloxane Sealer obtained the second position. In terms of facility, what it provides in only one gallon cannot be totally expressed in words.

Put simply, the main selling factor of this sealer is siloxane. Significantly few sealers are available that have siloxane in them. The siloxane mixture levels up its position to many ranks. So, what is so special about siloxane? 

Siloxane has the hulk-like power to bond with the minerals of the masonry. Hence, the whole structure becomes so tight that it bends the water flow instead of leaking inside it. Unbelievable!

Apart from that, the clean finishing of the sealer keeps no residue on the walls. This retains the gala and colorful look of your fireplace and chimney. Sure, repairing does not mean you have to lose colors.

And the fun fact is that this is so easy to apply that a child could do this while sleeping. Don’t believe it? Then you should try it.

We are saying this because you just need a low-pressure garden sprayer to evenly distribute them in the chimney. Also, don’t forget to remove any dirt to get the best results.

Have no worry. The drying process is also simple. Just keep it for 2 hours to dry, and within 4 hours, it is as waterproof as you want.

Other than that, with an alluring 5 years warranty, they provide enough reason for anyone to use it. What do you think?

What We Liked
  • Long-lasting
  • Fine finishing
  • No chance of damaging color
  • Flexible application
What Need Improvement
  • Have to do the work faster
  • No warranty

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3. MasonryDefender Chimney Crown Sealer

masonrydefender chimney sealer

Moving down the list, we have a fantastic chimney crown sealer that would surely light your cold days. Introducing one of the most durable products – MasonryDefender Chimney Crown Sealer. Though it is more or less similar to the previous one, it is also worth checking out.

One of the starking differences is that this sealer is elastomeric. To put it in simple words, it will stop water twice as faster as the regular sealers. Thumbs up to the manufacturers for their choice of material.

Plus, the sealant is very flexible. Therefore, you get a non-written certificate of its durability. It serves you as long as you please without cracking or chipping over.

But what if accidents occur and the crown sealer fails to keep its promise? Fear not! You are getting a 5-year warranty with this simple sealant. Whatever happens, this crown sealer is capable of saving you.

And, what about applying? Well, friend, that’s also covered. Only 2 layers of brush coating are enough for getting a lifetime service. What else can we ask?

So, if you are looking for a branded product that gives you 100% ease with every work, this should be the top pick for you. Although the price may be higher than the others, the quality it provides is incomparable.

What We Liked
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Elastomeric sealant
  • Flexible
  • Warranty available
What Need Improvement
  • Suitable for chimneys only
  • Bit pricey

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4. ChimneySaver Cold Weather CrownCoat

chimneysaver cold weather crowncoat

Following that, we have another superb product with a massive performance. If this is not what support looks like, then what is? How about digging further into its specs.

The most pleasurable fact about it is its versatility. Be it a hot day or a colder one, you can effortlessly apply it and dry it within your time. Absolutely perfect for last day job and keeping your wife’s head cool!

No, sir, fast drying does not necessarily mean weak performance. To be honest, with a special waterproof membrane, the Cold Weather Crown Coat has a record of providing protection from all types of moisture intrusion.

Still confused? How can you even doubt when you are getting a 10-years of manufacturer’s warranty. Didn’t believe your ears?

However, this is the truth. Without any cracks and damage, this sealant ensures your chimney serves you up to eternity along with itself.

On top of that, this is environment-friendly too. Ahh, our favorite part! As responsible citizens, we believe that should be our first concern about this product. Unsurprisingly surprising fact is Cold Weather actually did think about it.

And the visual representation is the long queue of customers clicking the add to cart option. Wanna join the crowd and have the best experience of life? Go on then.

What We Liked
  • Cover more than 28 sq. ft.
  • Allows application under -40F
  • A long 10 years of warranty
  • Environment-friendly
What Need Improvement
  • Expensive than other brands
  • No smaller option is available

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5. ChimneySaver VOC Compliant Solvent-Based Water Sealer

chimneysaver voc sealer

Let’s sing the endnote with one of the siloxanes constituted products – ChimneySaver Solvent-Based Water Repellent Sealer. A very rare of a kind, this product will strike you dumbfounded with its more-than-tempting qualities.

First of all, this VOC-compliant sealant has the most rigid quality to form stronger bonds with the minerals of the masonry, even in UV light. The total arrangement makes the sealer more powerful and saves your chimney from further damage. All thanks to siloxane!

Above all this, the chemical bonds do not only make the structure robust but also make it last longer. Yup! The water repellent sealant is a core part of the substrate that acts as a barrier against unwanted water.

Let’s share another piece of good news with you. ChimneySaver sealer does not only save chimney according to its name. Instead, it protects myriads of horizontal and vertical exterior surfaces from architecture concrete to even terracotta.

This is so unreal! Did anyone ever imagine that some chimney crown sealer would offer this option? We are flabbergasted, and we’re sure you too are!

Enough of quality checkups! May we discuss appearance? You know, a delicate finishing is a must. Yet, festooning a smooth finishing is so stressful.

Concerning your need, this sealant brings you a non-glossy look that allows you to have a charming appearance with out-and-out finishing. Just brush it twice and get a ready-made new look for your chimney.

So, homeowners searching for an all-in-one function can look at this one. Though it has its name at the bottom of this list, we should not forget it is the 5th best sealant existing in the market. It has yet a lot to offer.

What We Liked
  • Vapour Permeable
  • Efflorescence protection
  • 10 years of warranty
  • Non-Glossy finishing
What Need Improvement
  • Test before applying
  • Expensive

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people seal chimneys?

The vast majority of the chimneys are cracked over time and become prone to moisture from the rain and snow. To prevent water collecting, people are compelled to seal the chimneys.

How do you know if your chimney is leaking?

There are several ways to identify leakage from the chimney. The sound of dripping water, water, stained walls, and damp odors are some warning signs that you should try to notice.

What do you use to seal a chimney crown?

We highly recommend you use a nylon or stiff poly brush to apply the layer of the chimney crown. This makes the whole process a lot easier.

How long does chimney sealant last?

If sealed properly, we can give you a guarantee now and here that sealant has the power to last more than 15 years. And the rest of the things depends upon application and maintenance.

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s all we got on our sleeves today. We believe this article has helped you find the best chimney crown sealer according to your needs. Or at least you have got an overall idea of what to expect when you go shopping next time.

Don’t think too much. Why not choose one of these top five and remain tension free for two decades? Also, we will be loved it if you share your experience with us.

Happy Shopping!