Best Heat Reclaimer 2022 – Today’s Top Reclaimers!

Tired of being cold despite sitting beside the fireplace? Are your wood stoves are not efficient to warm your cozy home? All your fueling seems irrelevant? Argh!!! These are the problems we all have faced at least once in a lifetime.

Hence, people struggling with this issue often lay their hands on heat reclaimers. And, of course, it is obvious. Why are you gonna shiver in the chilly breeze rather than use these affordable machines?

Though it is the ultimate solution, the game is not over yet. Finding a polished and genuine heat reclaimer is not a piece of cake. So, how are you gonna know which brand produces the best heat reclaimer?

best heat reclaimer

To answer this simple question, extensive market research is needed. Luckily enough, our entire team made this possible with tireless efforts. Consequently, we bring today’s segment for you, answering these questions and guiding you through the nooks and crannies.

So, let’s not beat around the bush and dive right away.

What Do People Like About Heat Reclaimer?

There are more than trillions and trillions of reasons people desire these heat reclaimer machines. While you may install a heat reclaimer to heat up your room more effectively, other significant facets are evidently necessary to check out.

Here, we tried to outline some of them. Have a look.

  • Budget-friendly: Heat reclaimer is the cheapest available option in the market. And guess what? This is also the most efficient way to keep your feet warmer.
  • Cuts off bills: Any standard heating machine would consume nearly all the time warming up the water and making your electricity bill higher and higher. But, fortunately, these machines would help you heat the water as fast as half the time and thus cut down your bills.
  • Safer: The presence of hot water automatically makes reclaimers a risky machine. That is what common sense says. But, in reality, they ensure safety by taking optimal steps and guiding the users.
  • Less environmental impact: It is no joke – our planet is heating up. And any sensible person will look forward to using products that reduce this impact. This heat reclaimer is specially designed in such a great way that it prevents harmful gases.
  • Stylish and Smart: In the era of the metaverse, smartness is a demand. For this, simple machines ought to be more innovative. And here it is. You’re gonna get a surfeit number of high-tech features to make your homes smarter.

Now, it’s the most awaited moment of this millennium – the curtain lifter moment. Let’s have a glimpse of them one by one.

1. US Stove MH6 Miracle Heat Reclaimer

us stove mh6 heat reclaimer

3..2..1. Let’s welcome the market wrecker with a special honor – US stove Miracle Heat Reclaimer. Being one of the classic heat reclaimers, it has always been consumers’ top priority. Don’t you think you should know why?

The best attribute of this heating machine is it improves the efficiency of the old stoves and furnaces by at least 50%. Totally what we desire.

Though having one of the paradigmatic features, it owns the automatic operation. As a result, the whole work can be squeezed in a minute. Over and above that, the effortless installation brings plus points in its bag.

What else do you want? An assurance to use it with various stove? Ask it, get it. Yeah, we saw it right. US Stoves didn’t forget to think of your needs. Therefore, they made these reclaimers utterly compatible with any wood or coal stoves.

All these components are not what made it unique. It has one of the rarest specialties. Can you guess? It is whisper quiet. No more sound pollution. You can relax with your music app on and still warm your home.

What We Liked
  • Increases output
  • 100% compatible
  • Fully sealed
  • Ultra-quiet
What Need Improvement
  • Extremely heat radiation
  • It rattles sometimes

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2. US Stove Vogelzang Wood & Coal Stove Heat Reclaimer

us stove vogelzang heat reclaimer

The following fantastic pick for you is nothing rather than another branded product from US Stove. Including wearability, stability, and durability, you’ll never find a better match than this one.

First and foremost, this heat reclaimer works best for which it was created – to heat up the room. In the cold, dark nights, US Stove Vogelzang would drastically change your room from a dark pit to a cozy, warm home.

And to take things to another level, these machines are highly made up of blowers that have the celestial power of producing large amounts of heat to warm the ins and outs of the room. The fan motor is so effectively designed that it even makes no noise.

The casing and the material are made up of nickel. And you know why it is so appreciative. Obviously, it doubles and quadruples the durability of the product.

Besides this reasonable negotiating price, US Stove has a built-in thermostat to give you full access to controlling the heating. Good one, we think, and you can see it yourself.

What We Liked
  • Huge heating power
  • Safety technology
  • Quieter
  • Thermostat-controlled
What Need Improvement
  • The cord should be longer
  • Maintenance is hard

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3. US Stove MH8 8″ Black Heat Reclaimer

us stove mh8 black heat reclaimer

The following heat reclaimer of the US Stove Miracle is a miracle itself. It’s a precisely similar product from the same brand that you have been introduced before. But if you’re looking for an ideal reclaimer for 8” stoves, then this machine might be the best of all.

One of the major disasters is that all the heating of our stoves flew away up through the chimney. These heat reclaimers have an integrated disk that senses the heat in the chimney. Subsequently, the fan blows, and this brings back the lost heat.

This immense process needs superb monitoring and an impeccable example of world-class maneuvering. Not to mention, other benchmarks for this are the ultra-quiet blower and automated technology. The whole thing makes the product user-friendly.

Even though excess heat waves are radiated, making the machine hotter, it is one of the most constructive heat reclaimers you’ll ever meet. Thanks to its keen construction.

So, why not try using this once heavily useful and easy-installed machine?

What We Liked
  • Reclaim large heat portion
  • Silent blower
  • Easy to use
  • Sealed from flue gases
What Need Improvement
  • Radiate excess heat waves
  • Less heat exchange tubes

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4. HY-C 6″ Black Magic Heat Reclaimer

hy c heat reclaimer

On the fourth position, we bring the market’s one and only UL Listed heat reclaimer. Gaining this authorization was simply due to the unchanged flue diameter, and it deserves a heads up for this. Let’s see its other specs.

The main attractive feature of this is that it claims to regenerate up to 30% of the heat lost and distributes it thoroughly. And the 225 cfm blower makes it possible by pushing the warm air.

Along with the power, the design team has also worked great. The complete machine has a minimum of 10 heat exchange tubes. This, without any doubt, enhances the device’s surface area, overall ensuring better heat flow.

Next, to highlight more about it, you must be pleased to know that its accessible and autonomous cleaning techniques are out of the world.

Unlike others, the soot scraper is built-in inside the machine to clean the internal parts automatically. Hence, no interruption of warmness. Coupling with this, the removable blocks also allow easy maintenance and cleaning facilities.

What We Liked
  • Regains up to 30% lost to heat
  • Versatile control mode
  • Crimp down configuration
  • Designed for all varieties
What Need Improvement
  • Frequent cleaning required
  • Unsustainable safety features

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5. HY-C MH-8R 8″ Single Wall Chimney Pipe Heat Reclaimer

hy c mh 8r chimney pipe heat reclaimer

Impressed with the previous product but can’t use it because your wood stove is 8″? Don’t worry, honey. The brand has it all covered. As it is the same product, discussing specs again is irrelevant. How about seeing the MAGIC of this product?

You already know it can produce 30 000 BTU. However, the best part is the product’s engineering to ensure it. Allow us to give a briefing about it.

First of all, as the heat travels upwards, they heat up the tubes of the reclaimer. Afterward, fresh air enters from the back vents of the machine, and the extensively powered fan blows the warm air to reclaim the heat lost.

You cannot avoid the multi-usable features that these heating machines offer. One of the influential paradigms is the crimp-down configuration which allows working with wood stoves. But you have to note that you can use it with coal, oil, or natural gas-filled stoves. 

It feels great to have a bunch of options in hand. Are we right? And think what. Yours wish, their command! The fan also has two modes – continuous and thermostat-controlled, apart from other alternatives.

We really believe it will be an excellent investment for your home despite some factors.

What We Liked
  • Reclamation of huge heat
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for 8′ flue
  • Toggle switch settings
What Need Improvement
  • Only for single pipes
  • Weak fan motor

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6. Detex 12 Stove Pipe 6″ Heat Reclaimer

detex 12 stove heat reclaimer

In case you are someone seeking affordable mechanics that would act no less than convention heat reclaimer, you can stop your pursuit of the holy grail now. Get introduced to Detex Pipe Heat Exchange. We know it’s something new. So, now’s the time to explore it.

Well, the chart-topping feature of the heat reclaimer is the heat dissipation that is effectively done by 12 stacked pipes. The close contact makes a greater surface area between them, verifying heat distribution evenly.

Here, you’ll be getting a lot of 12 radiators with 28 gauge of aluminum. These attached to the pipe firmly and quickly. And within 5 minutes, you’ll get a locked grip joining the pipes. No more screw, bud!

But, it is constructed with aluminum, would it be good? Wasn’t copper a great alternative? Yeah, you are absolutely right. Notwithstanding its high electrical conductivity, it was much more expensive. Instead, one of the great conductive, aluminum, can ensure this in a minimal price range.

And overall, sometimes, maintenance seems hectic. Fastening and unfastening the machines can be a lot harder than expected. No worries with Detex Pipes, and forget about extra cleaning. Enjoy a lifetime drawing more heat.

What We Liked
  • Expanded surface area
  • Rapid installation
  • Low-cost
  • No maintenance required
What Need Improvement
  • No warranty
  • Moderately conductive

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7. Magic Heat MH-6-R Reclaimer for Wood Stove

magic heat mh 6 r reclaimer

Stay tuned with us to learn about the product well-known for the highest favorable ratings – Magic Heat Reclaimer. Believe us, regardless of the same company, this heating machine ought to have some exceptional features to rule the customer’s minds.

Speaking of its power is noteworthy. The BTU of heat it provides by regaining is crazy. Surely we can bet you’ll instantly see how it doubles the heat output of your stove while reducing the fuel usage.

Other than that, user-friendly features are mandatory for keeping the place in this cut-throat competition. And to secure its position, Magic Heat Reclaimers came up with astoundingly automatic functions. When the flue temperature reaches 1500F, the thermostat auto kicks in.

Although many people usually blame durability, few really understand that it can be maintained easily by just cleaning and taking care of it. The same applies in this case too.

So, the manufacturer made maintenance easier and this way the product gained longevity. Yes, the push and pull rods make cleaning trouble-free. 

You can try without any second thoughts.

What We Liked
  • Maximum reclamation
  • Thermostatic control
  • Automatic blower function
  • Suitable for cleaning
What Need Improvement
  • Trickier installation
  • Reduced draft flow

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8. SANDHILL 8” Magic Heat Reclaimer

sandhill heat reclaimer

Say hello to the next stupefying product of our well-researched list. The optimum selling feature of the brand is well-recognized by you – it is the unbeatable power output it has.

Chilling to death in cold weather of below 30 temperature while wood furnaces came to no use at all, Sandhill Magic Heat Reclaimers are your saviors. Uh-huh, we are not exaggerating. You can blindly believe us here. It will reclaim lost heat up to 10 times.

Except for this, the product has come with outright breathtaking strength. Hence, you don’t have to overthink or overcare, and it would give you a record of long performance itself.

Another added benefit is its automatic safety functions. We often prioritize your safety, and due to this, Sandhill deserves a thumbs up. And you too can use it anytime without worrying much.

As you already know the brand value of the Magic Heat Reclaimers, you probably know its other products also set its benchmark up to infinite quality. Owning them is always a bonus.

  • Large heat output
  • Safety ensured
  • Robust quality
  • Not so pricey
  • Heat radiates
  • No warranty

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9. HY-C Round Galvanized Single Flue Cap

hy c round galvanized single flue cap

Wait, thrifty lovers! HY-C Flue Caps are another name for minimalism. Yes, any person planning to cut down its daily costs should try it once. And why it’s so? Let’s find out quickly.

This 5 stars rated product is nothing but a chimney cover. Yup! You heard it right. In fact, the manufacturers have designed it to deliver the utmost free air space.

And don’t embarrass us by doubting its quality. With the enhanced 24 gauge powdered galvanized coating, the steel casing of the machine is much more substantial. On top of that, it upgrades its performance for 2x power.

What’s more, is that it has a 100% galvanized coat. Verily, it is unbelievable. But my buddy, and that is absolutely true info. Sometimes these simple reasons make these heat reclaimers more satisfactory.

For this reason, losing such a beneficial product in just a few bucks is worth the deal, right? We hope you will not miss this chance this time. 

What We Liked
  • Protective coating
  • Outside mounting
  • Affordable
  • Free air space
What Need Improvement
  • No warranty
  • Required for only California

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10. US Stove MHD8 8″ Heat Reclaimer

us stove mhd8 heat reclaimer

This is the time to wrap up our list. Let’s sing the finishing note by the virtues of one of the renowned brands of the heat reclaimer – US Stoves.

No more introduction is needed to prove its dominion. Through the chimney of the wood stoves, heat is often lost. Luckily these heat reclaimers increase the power of this by 10% more. Therefore, you will now get 10 000 BTU more heating power than before.

Hats off the designing team who thought it to be made in such a perfect manner to serve its purpose. The 12 inches of stovepipes, along with the large surface area, expand the heating effect far beyond your imagination.

Disregarding these factors, the thermo disks are also enabled. Monitoring the temperature and retrieving heat is the sole function of this component.

And finally, it also consists of a quiet blower that has the fastest motor to dissipate the heat and is as silent as the grave. Don’t over-scrutinize its position. Nonetheless, it is one of the best.

What We Liked
  • 10% heat recycled
  • Thermostat-controlled
  • Powerful blower
  • Silent
What Need Improvement
  • Expensive
  • No warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a heat reclaimer do?

The primary goal of the heat reclaimer is to save all the heat from escaping and regaining it. This way, it cuts off our electricity bills plus fuel costs.

Can you put a heat reclaimer on a pellet stove?

The answer is YES. Just make sure the dimensions of the pellet stoves and they can easily fit into any 3-inch double wall.

What is the importance of a heat exchanger?

There are uncountable functions of the heat exchangers. But one of the most important features is that it optimizes the cooling effect more effectively.

What does a heat exchanger do on a wood stove?

The heat exchanger does nothing but transfer heat from one medium or fluid to the other one on a wood stove. And surprisingly, they can be used for both heating and cooling processes.

How efficient are heat exchangers?

All the standard heat exchangers can be expected to have at least efficiency of above 90%. But the most efficient ones like plate exchangers may have far greater output than this.

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Wrapping Up

Cheers! You have at last completed the entire piece. Although there are many options, hopefully, choosing the best heat reclaimer will be pretty easy now.

So, without any delay, try it to make your home more comfortable and cozy in the rough winter. For any confusion, feel free to ask us.

Wishing you good luck with your new expedition. Fingers crossed!