How to Vent a Pellet Stove With a Wall Duct 2022? Quick Solutions!

Often your pellet stoves need a bit more attention. Wasted air is needed to be vented out and it is frustrating. Who has that much time for this? And if you have to vent a pellet stove with a wall duct, then there remain no more questions. It is hideously painful!

But you know what, we don’t think so. These are not our words. Rather it is what we hear from the users time and again.

Then, how about changing your nightmare into a heavenly dream? Well, we want to help you with this.

how to vent a pellet stove with a duct wall

So, how to vent a pellet stove with a wall duct easily and quickly to turn this hell-like trauma into a sweet memory.

First of all, identify the ideal spot to place your pellet stove. Check its weight before advancing to the next steps. After that, protect your floors from the sparks. Following that, place the vent carefully. Lastly, as all things are done, transfer heat to every part of your house.

This is not all, let’s find out in more detail.

How to Vent a Pellet Stove With a Wall Duct? Step By Steps!

Well, knowing the best pellet stove for the basement does really always means the best performance. Sometimes, the user and their maintenance decide the durability of the product. And ensuring better performance for a pellet stove, venting has NO alternative.

Don’t be stressed. We have got you. Sorted concisely, this simple and short step-by-step guide is all that you need.

Here, have a look.

Step 1- Identifying the Ideal Spot:

Finding the best position to set your pellet stove is not an easy game. You do need to make some hard decisions. Fitting a stove indoors for central heating prevents proper ventilation. Conversely, setting them outdoor is never an option.

What can we do then? Not much. Try to install the pellet stove close to the wall and near the plug socket. This will solve half of the problems.

Step 2- Check Its Weight:

After that, checking weight is necessary. This is because if you don’t know how much weight your basement can sustain, then it is possible you ended up with a heavier pellet stove.

Fortunately, maximum pellet stoves weigh between 350 to 500 pounds and basements are capable of holding that amount of force. But honey, still, we don’t know the power of your basement specifically. Hence, choose and check carefully.

Step 3- Protect Your Floors:

Venting is not about venting only, sometimes, it is protecting your floors from sparks too. Even concrete-covered and carpeted floors are not totally safe.

To protect it, we suggest having a non-combustible mat. This prevents sparks with the help of its six inches floor mat.

Step 4- Place the Vent:

Now, it’s the real action time. Hell yes! Choose any vent or kit that fits well and looks suitable for your pellet stove.

But, always follow the manual and instructions. This will make the work easier.

And remember not to use PVC. NEVER.

Step 5- Transfer Heat Everywhere:

Pellet stoves situated in the basement is, literally, incapable of dissipating heat to the upper part of the house. And here, the real importance of venting comes into play.

Through a vent system or with the help of a self-made vent you can circulate the released heat from the basement to the rest of the part of the room. And, see, it’s that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01- How many elbows can be in a pellet stove pipe?

Answer: Most of the time, two to three elbows can be in a pellet stove. To be more specific, 90 degrees and 45 degrees elbows are most common.

Question 02- How far can you vertically vent a pellet stove?

Answer: It is correct to guess that we can vertically vent a pellet stove up to almost fifteen feet. The majority of the time it is the maximum, and you can vent more than this.

Question 03- How far can you horizontally vent a pellet stove?

Answer: On the other hand, horizontally a pellet stove can be vented for usually four feet. It can be either below, above, or side wise.

Question 04- Is pellet stoves environmentally friendly?

Answer: Of course, they are environment-friendly. Not only they are harmless, but they also are much cheaper than the various other environment-concerning options.

Wrapping Up

This is all that we have in store for you today. We hope (finger crossing) that you enjoyed your journey and also feed yourself up with the steps on how to vent a pellet stove with a wall duct.

If this helped you in any way our efforts would pay off. But, if you find it still tough to do, then don’t have a panic attack. Just call a professional to help you out.

Until then, goodbye. Have a nice day!