Best Shut Off Valve for Main Water Line 2022 – Today’s Top Choices!

Have you ever seen a frozen pipe? If yes, you know what a mess it can be. From pipes bursting to overflowing water damage, it can turn your house into a water-logged battleground.

We believe prevention is better than cure. And for this, main water lines have a shut-off valve to escape plumbing emergencies. Using the right one at the right time can save you from losing tonnes of money.

As the valves are not just valves but a lifesaver, don’t you think we need to choose them wisely. However, substandard shut-off valves can also bring a curse to your lovely house. So, how will you know which one is the best shut off valve for main water line?

best shutoff valve for main water line

To help you out, we took our time and researched nearly 160+ products comprehensively and arranged the best 5 shut-off valves for you. Instead of rummaging through web pages and magazines, hover through this one article to identify yours.

Well, that’s being said, let’s jump right away to the best part.

What Do People Like About Main Water Line Shut-Off Valve?

Shut-off valves usually control the flow of water in the main water line. We all know how important it is for our home; it is too hard to not like it. But to pinpoint, there is a long list of appealing factors that would unquestionably awe you right here.

How about discussing them before starting off?

  • Maintenance: Using is not always enough. Maintenance is the key. And these shut-off valves are terribly easy to maintain, making them lasting decades after decades.
  • Rapid action: In times of emergency, we need something that can operate faster.. Luckily, shut-off valves are suitable for that. Equipped to work lesser than a millisecond, the opening and closing strokes are unbeatable sometimes.
  • Materials: Made with the best metals in the world, the shut-off valves remain shiny and rust-proof for as long as it exists. Your lives are in safe hands.
  • Installation: With superb performance, the shut-off valves have surprisingly easy peasy installation. We can assure you this. In reality, you’ll see most valves are so easy to install that it feels like a child’s game.
  • Inexpensive: Something so crucial can not be charged much, right? Yes, that’s our point. They are the cheapest precautions that you can take to save yourself from the watery mess.

Over with the briefing. Now let’s move to the most waited countdown for which we are here today.

1. SharkBite 1 Inch Ball Valve Water Shut-Off Valve

sharkbite 1 inch shut off valve

1…2…3. And presenting the ruler of the list. Hail to the SharkBite Water Shut-off Ball Valve. With a tremendous performance, it has continuously suffices all the customer’s demands. Well, there is a lot to discuss.

The first and foremost thing that we considered is its construction. It is utterly indistinguishable. A combination of copper, brass, plastic, and PEX makes it rust-proof and stand out in the market.

Recommended by the pros of the plumbing project, SharkBite valves have incomparable quality. And what’s about the performance? Honey, it is field-proven. Hence, you can stay relaxed about the fittings – it is capable of commercial and residential plumbing.

It is also famous as the most “fuss-free” product, and the reason is quite interesting. It has one of the most effortless installations and replacement procedures. Just cut and push it. And bingo! It is done.

Wait, wait! Have we told you that it can sustain more than 200 psi pressure even at 200 F? If not, then trust us, it is true. Though it seems bluffing, SharkBite valves had made it possible.

From a consumer’s point of view, we definitely suggest you look at those brass, polished shut-off valves. Without any doubt, these heavy-duty valves will keep your pipe and your house protected from all leaks and damages.

What We Liked
  • Quick installation
  • Push-to-connect system
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Rich materials included
What Need Improvement
  • Doesn’t fit 1 inch PVC pipe
  • High price

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2. Apollo FSBBV334 Valve

apollo valve

By giving a cut-throat competition, our second product tops in every category. Apollo has a consistent reputation for the highest rating in history, from convenience to installation and variety. So, stick around to explore more.

Apollo shut-off valves are not just a name; this term guarantees the best quality. The team has keenly chosen the materials before constructing them. Building with lead-free DZR brass is a mere illustration of this.

But you may ask, what does this brass do? What’s so special about this? Our friend, this brass resists corrosion and keeps your valves clean age after age. Reliability, strength, and durability all are 100% ensured!

Now, speaking of accessibility, the product comes in quarter-turn technologies. As a result, the single lever controls the water flow in a simple way. In fact, it is perfect for water emergencies with this swift control.

As setting up is a big part, let’s talk about it for some time. While installing, just insert the pipe to allow a firm grip and complete the work. On the other hand, you have to only dismount it while removing it. It is as SIMPLE as that! No place for any confusion.

Therefore, if you are searching for one of the fastest, cleanest, and simplest 3-way ball valves, you can easily count on it to do the work for you. And the lower price adds the cherry on your ice cream.

What We Liked
  • Reliable quality
  • Brass polished
  • Corrosion proof
  • Sustain high pressure
What Need Improvement
  • Weaker grip
  • Not suitable for standard PVC

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3. LeakSmart 888000 Automatic Shut-Off Valve

leaksmart shut off valve

Ready to get nuts to see our 3rd wonder on the list. Introducing the first-ever and most grossing automated shut-off valves for your home. It doesn’t get hyped up for nothing; it sure does have some legit reasons.

One prominent reason is that it does not come with only a valve. Instead, you will also need a LeakSmart sensor and a hub to see its magic. When they are all paired, the impossible can be possible.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Come to the point. Firstly, the LeakSmart sensors placed under the pipes or appliances detect leaks and damages by monitoring the temperature. The hub then acts as a via between the valve and the detector.

And within 5 seconds, the main water line will be closed automatically. Seems like a fairy tale! But now it’s the reality.

Relax, there’s more to it. LeakSmart valves also have a mobile app that notifies the user about the defects. And most importantly, gives you the power to turn it off or on whenever you want through the app. Interesting right?

What if you are not a “tech guy”? What if you stumble with the smart device? Worry not. They have coherent LED lights to warn you when the valves open or close with a distinctive red and green light.

And lastly, we can’t disagree much about its functionality. It is, no doubt, a beginner-friendly valve. It can be your ideal match if you’re looking forward to innovative and simple solutions.

What We Liked
  • Risk alert
  • Interpretable indicators
  • Available in various sizes
  • Battery backup system
What Need Improvement
  • The gear is not up to the mark
  • Expensive

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4. EcoNet Controls EVC200-HCSML Smart Home Controller Shutoff Valve

econet controls evc200

Bringing you another repeated best seller shut-off valve at 4th position, we want to welcome EcoNet Control Valves. A vogue brand with a flashy performance is a tremendous understatement to describe EcoNet. Its specialty is included in every corner of this valve.

Adored by beginners, this valve plays on a different level. And we are sure this is the main USP of the product. Luckily with this, you don’t need any professional help or specialized tools. Because It totally fits with the ball valves.

Are you missing high-tech functions? Take it easy, buddy. You can connect it with smart controls whenever and wherever you want. Compatible with famous groups like SmartThings, Universal devices, and Honeywell, you can enjoy remote access.

Or are you still worried because you don’t have a controller? Don’t overthink. EcoNet Controls have it all covered. They have exceptional Bulldog Wifi that would painlessly turn this valve and your house smarter and handier.

Added to it, the valves are robust and secure ten-on-ten long-lasting performance. As a consequence of the high torques and stroke controls, the item is extremely capable of the roughest and toughest plumbing catastrophes.

Genuinely, these valves are one in a million. With a rare rain-resistant quality, we bet you’ll never get such a well-built product in the whole industry. Why not test it once?

What We Liked
  • Easy to install
  • Wifi-enabled
  • Smart control
  • Long-lasting
What Need Improvement
  • Manuals can be confusing
  • Screws are not of the best quality

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5. FloodStop Water Heater Auto-Shutoff Valve

floodstop water heater auto shutoff valve

Well, with FloodStop, we, too, have come to the last stop on our list. Even though it is in the final position, it still ranks top five in the tonnes of the other branded valves. Thinking it is not unique is the biggest folly ever!

The incredible thing about this is its elegant design. Pairing and matching with the decorum of your house, these valves shall not only protect you but also renovate your home.

The premium design makes it favorable among the aesthetics. The brass polishing, along with the swiss-cut finishing, has made itself irresistible even to our team of experts.

Looks matter, but what shines is the quality. And the FloodStop is the best of its kind. Being an immediate fault tracker, it never fails to ensure your safety. Plus, the keen choice of materials has sealed the deal for this one.

In addition to these standard features, the exciting part is its automated detecting abilities. The sensors are so powerful that they would identify any leakage in the blink of an eye. It is only one drop away!

All in all, the product has an overall good score for serving the customers with its durability. We believe this would be perfect protection that you must not miss. The rest of choice is yours.

What We Liked
  • Very interactive
  • Smart sensors
  • Huge strength
  • Quality design
What Need Improvement
  • No warranty
  • Does not protect in power lost

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a shut-off valve do?

The shut-off valves are responsible for controlling the water flow in the main water line. When leaked or damaged, these shut-off valves come in handy to the users.

How do you know what type of water valve you have?

It is best to know about the valves and follow the labels and tags. The tags usually have valve numbers, type, and system, which helps us identify their type.

How to find the main water shut-off valve?

Typically you’ll find the main water shut-off valves inside of your house. Monitor the basement and the entire perimeter of the house to locate this out.

What is the other name for the shut-off valves?

Shut-off valves go around with many famous names. Lockout valves, ball valves, emergency shutdown valves, cut-down valves are widespread among consumers.

Wrapping Up

Kudos! You have reached the end of the article. We hope you have got a thorough idea about the best shut off valve for main water line.

Choosing the one from the bests isn’t easy. But we are sure that it won’t be a trouble if you go through the features.

Don’t forget to let us know your experience. We are always excited to read your comments and feedback.

Best of luck with the new valves! See you around.