Best Plastic Shed Base 2022 – Grab The Top Shed Bases!

It’s frustrating!

Are you frustrating about your shed base? Well, we can’t blame you. This is obvious. All of us did worry about it. In the wide range of shed bases it’s too tough to choose.

Honey, don’t panic out. If you’re seeking the ultimate fullstop of your never-ending problems, it’s time to stick your eye on the latest trends in the market – plastic shed base.

Yes, plastic shed bases are one of the most affordable bases with an infinite speculative feature. Nonetheless, trusting every other plastic shed base is sheer folly. Hence, we need to go through some background checks to identify the best plastic shed base.

best plastic shed base

Well, not for you. We, along with exceptional experts and professionals, studied and bought this insightful article to introduce you with the best plastic shed base.

Aftermost, a detailed description of how to install the product is also depicted here. Told you we’ve got your back. What are you waiting for then? Let’s dive in to learn more!

What Do People Like About Plastic Shed Base?

Shed bases can be of different materials. But if you’re looking for a base that requires less maintenance without consuming much time while installing, a plastic shed base can be the one for you.

Plastic sheds mostly get negligence as people are unaware of it. Well, down below, we’ll be giving you five prospects why people like a plastic shed base-

  • Sturdy: Plastic doesn’t mean that you won’t get the firmness you’re looking for a shed base. Plastic shed bases are corrosion, decay, and taint-free with the protection of all-weather suitable.
  • Less maintenance: Unlike wood shed bases, it doesn’t need any painting or managing. Wash, and you’re good to go.
  • Dry:  Plastic shed bases are not like the metal ones that get moist. Plastics are good-insulator, and the presence of air ducts keeps the temperature moderate.
  • Easy installation: Simply following the guidebook, you can assemble it in a few minutes.
  • Durability: Plastic shed bases are all-weather bases. Be it a heavy breeze or storm; it ensures that your base remains static contrary to the wooden one.

1. TRUEGRID PRO LITE (1″ Depth) Permeable Pavers

truegrid pro lite shed base

Bonjour shed base hunters! If you’re looking for all climates, shed base kudos to you; you’re at the right place. Truegrid Pro Lite, with its top-notch quality, has acquired the first position on our list.

But here comes the question, why is it on our top list? Well, let us give you a tour then. Let’s talk through the design of the plastic shed base.

The classic design of the shed base ensures that you get a resilient one! Here, reused materials with a 100% post-consumer HDPE are present.

Moreover, as it is a permeable paver, all the gravel will be placed uniformly and give you safety from runoff.

On the other hand, Truegrid Pro-Lite shed base can be used in versatile landscapes. Be it either parking lots, runways, biking, trails, etc.

Lastly, the most advantageous feature is that it hardly needs any maintenance. With a perfect fitting, it keeps you away from any mud, potholes, etc.

What We Liked
  • Made of 100% reused post-consumer HDPE
  • It’s wholly lightweight and very resilient inconsistency
  • Perfect for all-climate with a snow plow-able.
  • It hardly needs any maintenance.
What Need Improvement
  • It has smaller dimensions than mentioned in the product details.
  • Measurements might vary from what’s included in product details.

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2. Standartpark HEXpave Grid Walkway Shed Base

standartpark shed base

Are you peeking up to add a reformed shed base? Then, our handpicked second product needs your first glance. It has excellent firmness, which ensures that you get a flawless base for paver, patio, and court.

Well, about the design, this shed base is made up of 100% recycled polymer HEXpave patent. Moreover, be it either grass, soil, or small pea-sized gravel, you are good to go. It is 100% permeable.

Besides this, the effortless installation process makes it more attractive. It has a snap and lock connection which makes your work sorted in a few minutes.

Also, it has a hard load capacity of 27000 lbs. The capability allows it to take care of a load of light-medium-weight vehicles.

What We Liked
  • Easy installation is more like a DIY project
  • 100% absorbent makes it more smooth
  • Can take the load of light-medium vehicles
  • Snap-lock technique
What Need Improvement
  • Disproportion can break the shed-base
  • Connecting clips might break easily if not handled carefully.

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3. TRUEGRID PRO Plus (1.8″ Depth) Permeable Pavers

truegrid pro plus shed base

Marching on, let’s discuss the Truegrid Pro Plus shed base. Well, how to compare this one and the preceding Truegrid Pro Plus product?

Well, this one gives you a heavy duty of handling 250,000+lbs and compression strength of 1M psf, which is twice compared to the first one.

Moreover, it is suitable for all-weather, which is 100% post-consumer reused HDPE. Here, the absorbent quality is 100% and doesn’t let the water sit; rather voids out quickly.

Other than that, it allows you to do a customized fitting by saw cut. And, what makes the shed base a time saver? Well, like the previous one, it, too, doesn’t need any maintenance.

Plus, this shed base has S-Flex technology to help the soil move on due to climate change. No more rigidity regarding mud, potholes. Alike the preceding one, the usage of it is widely spread too.

What We Liked
  • Highly durable with thick-walled cells
  • S-Flex technology helps to expand for the soil to rotate
  • 100% permeable with maintenance-free
  • 3 point locking tabs for easy installation
What Need Improvement
  • It’s a bit heavier than the preceding one
  • Costly than others in comparison

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4. Yard Saver FGLLI01874-5PK Drive-On Lawn Grid

yard saver shed base

Let’s begin with the fourth product on our checklist- Yard Saver. The top feature of this is its durable quality. Any busy road areas are in safe hands if due to its hardness.

Though the product is plastic in material, it can still make your lawn area appealing. Well, you must be wondering how?

The shed base allows you to grow grass and protects it even through the pathways used for driving. An easy installation process supports a deep insertion of the root.

Perhaps, the plastic material is highly durable with customized pathways. As sections of 20-inch and 40-inch are available, which let you customize as you wish.

Be it home or office, and Yard Saver enables you to have an ancillary space.

  • Durable in quality.
  • Can drive in the pathway without harming the grass
  • Customized pathways facility
  • Additional space
  • It’s a bit overpriced in comparison to features
  • Not the best option for muddy areas

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5. Standartpark 2″ Depth Permeable Paver System (20 SQ FT)

standartpark easypave grid

With accessible spots and lateral water motion, the fifth product easy pave seals the deal for you as it brings exciting features.

Well, an easy spot lets you have a parking sign and path detector. By different color usage, Easy Spots can provide additional services at once.

Besides, EasySpots the heavy load class with H20 makes it superior. It can take loads of around 88,000lbs, which is sufficient for any parking lot setup.

Moreover, the slide and lock technology enables smoothness while installing. It takes care of heavy loads. A simple installation process with a lateral connection keeps you anxiety-free!

Lastly, hardly any other paver than Easypave has lateral water motion. It ensures your durability and makes it long-lasting with its erosion control ability.

What We Liked
  • Lateral water motion takes care of erosion control.
  • EasySpots enables with variety in parking sign and path detector
  • Slide and lock technology gives durability
  • Easy installation
What Need Improvement
  • Stakes are not available with it.
  • Square footage measurements can be confusing.

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6. Standartpark EasyPave Grid 2″ 2″ (100 SQ FT)

standartpark 100 sq ft shed base

If you are searching for an affordable shed base, then with our top pick, you can’t go wrong. The Standartpark – EasyPave Grid – 2″ affordable price earns a position on this list.

Furthermore, its wave-flexed patent design also works on regions with mild inclines. Perhaps, we can use it confidently in our solid building base for sheds, greenhouses, and summerhouses.

Its 100% recycled polymer makes it environmentally friendly. Plus, the push-button installation eliminates the possibility of disconnection.

Other paving grids include a push-down mechanism that makes it simple to detach when anything drives over it.

This system is entirely porous; water may pass through the bottom and the ground. These allow utilization of soil and grass growth, diminish the visibility of the grid and give the yard a more natural aspect.

What We Liked
  • Core Gravel panels are shorter to deal with.
  • Thicker and much more sturdiness allows it to snap together well
  • Hanging the click the grid once, it never gets messed up again
  • Made from recycled plastic
What Need Improvement
  • They aren’t particularly wide or long
  • Adding a corner piece becomes difficult

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7. TRUEGRID Root Grass Pavers Shed Base

truegrid root grass paver shed base

Next comes our TRUEGRID Root Grass Pavers. What makes this product so unique? The long-lasting and reliable properties of it.

Wide application of this product is present. Such as it’s ideal for any residential use, including driveway, patios, etc. Moreover, it’s featured with flexible links that expand and contract depending on the surroundings.

You don’t have to worry if this is your first time installing a shed base, as it’s straightforward to install. Also, in DIY projects, it’ll require a couple of minutes.

Lastly, base trimming is possible with it. Truegrid takes care of that permeability to the fullest extent. The grass remains smooth, making the ground firm enough for RVs and small planes.

What We Liked
  • Very easy to install
  • It is highly resistant to oils, gasoline, acids, salt, ammonia, and alcohol
  • Flat as a pool table and very firm
  • Can works in all climates & soils
What Need Improvement
  • The grids may pop out of the soil and become disconnected sometimes.
  • Couldn’t depress in the ground sometimes

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8. Techno Earth 1.9″ Shed Base

techno earth shed base

In eighth place, we have Techno Earth. But what’s so special about it? Please don’t get misled with the product’s position because it’s superior for formation integrity and permeability.

Techno Earth is created from PP or HDPE (high-molecular Polyethylene) with fiber and aging resistance and is injected with high pressure to make a bee nest-like shell.

It enables you to use it frequently in parking lots, fire climbing surfaces, pavement, etc. Permeable grass and gravel pavers from Techno Earth are intended for automobile load and traffic and pedestrian use.

Grass grids can soak noise, dust, heat and minimize glare caused by ground reflection by covering more than 95% grass area. Perhaps, it’s eco-friendly, helps reduce floods and runoff, and keeps water away.

What We Liked
  • Both for residential and commercial purposes
  • Possible to fill it with seed, sod, and grass
  • Incredible weather resistance
  • The load-bearing layer provides a good permeability function
What Need Improvement
  • Some parts were brittle and didn’t last long
  • The tabs are a bit thin

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9. Standartpark 2″ Ground Grid Polyethylene Shed Base

standartpark polyethylene shed base

The Standartpark 2″ geogrid is excellent for patios and footbridges installations on slopes and level surfaces. Then why have we put it below?Let’s examine that by ourselves.

Let’s start with durability. Standard park 2″ is made of a long-lasting polyethylene substance that will be retained.

Moreover, its mechanical properties of 1885 LBS/SQ FT can sustain weights for pathways, patios, and more.

Another eye-catching feature of it is that it’s easy to install. Using geo ground grid technology. Just plainly lay the material, secure it to the ground, fill cells with soil, grass, gravel.

Overall, Standartpark 2″ came up with a coverage of 160 SQ FT. This can operate on slopes, can be easily cut and firmly attached.

What We Liked
  • Longevity and Durability
  • The thickness helps in a more straightforward installation
  • Modified Polyethylene made it endurable
  • A thick ground grid is suitable for a variety of projects
What Need Improvement
  • 99% of its rigidity comes from the fill material
  • Gauge plastic is not so thick

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10. Standartpark 2″ Permeable Paver System 88,000 LB Load Shed Base

standartpark green shed base

Finally, we’ve reached the end of our list. And the final product on our list is Standartpark – EasyPave Grid Green. Even though this product is in the last position yet, it fulfills all user requirements.

Standard park EasyPave Grid Green provides a 100 Sq Ft Package and optional installation anchors available for slope installation. Furthermore, for lateral connection, the slide and lock technique is used.

Moving forward to its wave flex patent design, it also works on minor inclines. Additionally,100% recyclable polymer is used. Manufactured into valuable materials and then restored to their original condition.

Another advantage of this product is that no base is required while installing, and it won’t sink if it’s loaded with heavyweights. Moreover, it can be used for RV pads, parking, etc.

What We Liked
  • Convenient to use for an extra parking space
  • Adjusts to slightly uneven land
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Easy to install
What Need Improvement
  • Hard to remove once attached
  • Left it despite uneven design

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How To Install Plastic Shed Base Foundation?

Storing tools is a greater hassle than owning them. Nearly eight out of ten homeowners like you spend hours stressing about it. Honey, why don’t you think about plastic shed bases?

No, no. Don’t compare them with the traditional shed bases of concrete. They can be so tiring sometimes. Whereas, plastic shed bases are the perfect, easy alternative that you can try today.

If it’s so easy then how to install plastic shed base?

Initially, arrange the region that you chose for the shed bases. When done, set up the grid carefully column by column. Lastly, fill the gravel with rocks to provide it with strength and support.

Well, this is not enough for you. Following the detailed guideline will help you to walk through the installation process.

So, friend, let’s not waste any more time and add it to our next DIY project.

Step 1- Arrange the Region:

Begin the work with arranging the ground. Clean the area from dirt so that you can easily position a shed base there. Use long brooms to do this faster.

The major part of preparing the region should be to level it properly so that the plastic shed base can sturdily stand. You can use a shovel for this. Dig and drill it to smooth it cautiously. Remember you might need to dig deeper for inclined grounds.

Step 2- Set Up the Grid:

As you have done arranging the area allocated for the construction, move to the next significant step – setting up the grid.

The process is simple. At first, put some weed blockades to prevent the growth of weeds. Next, put the grid by each column. Close all the locking tabs carefully. If needed double-check the locks.

Step 3- Fill with Gravel:

This is the last and straightforward way to give your plastic shed base strength to become compact and endurable in any situation.

There are myriad ways to do this. Placing substances like stones and rocks will let the gravel set down below. No more worries. Put the rest of the gravel quickly and lock it with the anchors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1- What Base Does a Plastic Shed Need?

Answer: A plastic shed needs a base of paving slabs, lawn, dirt, solid material, which will ensure the sturdiness of the floor. Uprising slightly than the ground will give sufficient space for irrigation.

Question 2- Do You Have to Fill a Plastic Shed Base?

Answer: Filling a plastic shed base is a necessity. It’ll make it firmer and even as a foundation. Gravels can be any type like stone, rock, sand, etc.

Question 3- Does a Shed Base Need to be Bigger Than the Shed?

Answer: A more extensive shed base will ensure that your shed remains safe. Otherwise, a simple bent-over can break the shed base into pieces.

Question 4- Can I Put a Plastic Shed on Dirt?

Answer: That is the uniqueness of a plastic shed base. Be it any surface, a plastic shed can be put on there. But leveling it is a must before putting it in the dirt.

Question 5- How Do You Secure a Shed to a Plastic Base?

Answer: The sheds holes on the inner lip and the base are in the correct order. After maintaining the order, set the pin in the hole and cast it down until the upper hook gets attached to the shed after preserving the order. It can secure the shed with a plastic base.

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Wrapping Up

Building a house needs a foundation, but what about a shed? Well, it needs one too. Out of different materials, shed base the plastic shed base is known for its consistency and durability.

Hitherto, we’ve enlightened you with the 10 best plastic shed bases with their marvelous features in this article. Hopefully, now we assume that you’ve been able to select the one for you.

Suppose you’re still in confusion, one more pro tip for you. Look carefully for the pros and cons of our product list before choosing. Each has its excellence to satisfy your desire.

Best wishes!