Best Mini Split for RV 2022 – Today’s Top Mini Splits!

It’s frustrating!

The traditional air conditioner brings a ductwork whereas the mini-split gives you both heating and cooling indoors in a ductless system. That initiates higher cooling with very less usage of power.

Hence, it would be wise to go for the ductless best mini split for rv. However, things don’t end here. As the main journey begins with finding the one in terms of your preference.

best mini split for rv

You don’t have to worry about the BTU or coverage as the mini-split is designed that way significantly.

However, to make things way better, we’ve handpicked the 10 best mini split for rv products from the market where you don’t have to doubt even once on their quality. Just select it according to your preferences.

Let’s dive in-

What Do People Like About RV Mini Split Air Conditioners?

RV mini split air conditioners are the new revolutionary technology that is far better than conventional resistive heaters. It comes with more advantages to explore. Let’s find out-

  • Polished air: Mini-split for RV ensures polished air quality. As this doesn’t bring any kind of extra dust and dirt into the ducts air quality is top-notched.
  • No refurbishment: As the mini-split for RV are very small in size it doesn’t consume much space in installation. Thus do a small hole and no other refurbishment and you’re good to go.
  • Balances a temperature: Unlike the rooftop one the mini-split AC works at great force then keeps an optimum temperature. Without turning off it balances and comes with an inverter-ready technology.
  • Energy-efficient: A mini-split RV is fuel-efficient as it decreases power exhaustion and decreases the consumption of propane. Comes with wide cooling and less fuel consumption perfect for RV users.
  • Quieter split: Mini-split Ac’s come with the biggest advantage of not making much noise than any conventional rooftop AC. In a humid region keep the AC on without getting disturbed by annoying noises.

1. Senville LETO 9000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump

senville leto mini split

Let’s start with drumming for the first item on the list-Senville SENL-09CD mini air conditioner heat pump. It’s installable in every residence or condominium, which makes it so special that we’ve placed it at the top.

Well, mini split air conditioner with heat pump, 4-in-1. It’s built-in with heating, air conditioning, a dryer, a blower, and a turbocharged function makes it perfect for any recreational vehicle.

Gentle operating with whisper technology. Designed for the harshest climates and energy-efficient utilization. Its air conditioners/heat pumps provide you with a cost-effective approach to providing your recreational house with comprehensive climate control.

Other than that, the senville SENL-09CD mini split air conditioner heat pump includes installation support and free technique. You get a package of 16-foot setup kit, connection wire, copper wires and a remote.

What We Liked
  • 16-foot installation kit
  • Cost-effective
  • Comprehensive climate control
  • Whisper technology
What Need Improvement
  • Wire-clamp not include
  • Professional installation required

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2. MRCOOL DIY 18k BTU Split System Heat Pump

mrcool 18k btu split system heat pump

Moving on to the second product of the checklist-MRCOOL DIY 18k BTU 20 SEER ductless heat pump. Leakage protection is the product’s main selling point that protects the investment.

Firstly, its installation is quick and easy. Its R-410A 25ft fast connection line is pre-charged and requires no extra equipment or experience.

MRCOOL DIY 18k BTU 20 SEER ductless heat pump came with sleep mode. While in this mode, the machine will change the temperature to optimum comfort. The system automatically goes off after 7 hours.

Other than that, a new smart HVAC app is included. You can operate your project from anywhere with your smartphone and an internet connection thanks to wireless control, which is supported with Google assistant and Alexa.

In the end, it’s featured with low ambient cooling down properties that cool up to 5°F. Any RV which consumes 700-1000 sq ft can get a moderate cooling with this one.

What We Liked
  • Installation is easy
  • Leakage protection
  • Included smart HVAC app
  • Digital Assistant Ready
What Need Improvement
  • Poor customer support
  • Cheap copper line

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3. Classic America WiFi Ductless Wall Mount 12000 BTU Mini Split

classic america 12000 btu mini split

With a wide range of features at a reasonable price-Classic American WiFi ductless wall, mount mini split inverter air conditioner with Heat Pump is a difficult decision to defeat.

Classic America WiFi ductless wall mount mini split operates on 110-120 VAC, has a 20 SEER highly efficient certification, and is ETL certified. R410A refrigerant is charged with a Toshiba/GMCC compressor.

Moreover,16 Feet insulated copper refrigeration piping, wire tie-tube- tube wrap, and wall sleeve pipe are included in the installation package. For overnight sleep , the interior unit screen can be darkened.

Other than that, the indoor unit boasts a clean and modern design. The air conditioning system delivers a strong, reliable, and cost-effective operation. A new remote controller and an easy-to-install kit are provided.

Lastly, the PTC strip allows the device to work in heating down temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the nominal current draw is less than 12 amps.

What We Liked
  • 16-ft line set
  • Blows super cold
  • Included WiFi manual
  • Sleek appearance
What Need Improvement
  • No wall template
  • No refrigerant unit

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4. Pioneer Diamante Series Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Inverter Heat Pump

pioneer diamante series mini split

Reliability and longevity are required at all times when it comes to air conditioners with heat pumps. Let’s introduce the fourth product of our checklist-Pioneer diamante series ductless mini-split air conditioner inverter heat.

Starting, the mini split inverter heat pump system came with high-efficiency diamante ductless and its energy efficiency ratio is specified. It may be used for both cooling and heating purposes.

Other than that, for diverse household and mild commercial applications, the diamante series offers a comprehensive line of reduced wall-mounted micro splits having capacity ranging between 9,000 BTU/hour to 36,000 BTU/hour.

Interior and exterior sections, remote controller, and remote holders, 16 feet. L connection sets with various installation equipment and vibration-absorbing feet for the condenser coil are all included in the entire solution set.

The zone is kept at the ideal comfort level thanks to automated dual air sweep louvers, adjustable circulation, and power-saving technology. As a result, energy loss is minimized and energy expenses are reduced.

What We Liked
  • Both cooler-heater
  • Complete system set
  • Vibration absorber feet
  • High efficient
What Need Improvement
  • A bit pricey
  • Need extra equipment

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5. Innovair Air Conditioner Inverter 115V Mini Split Wifi System Heat Pump

innovair air conditioner inverter 115v mini split

Now, let’s get introduced to the fifth product of our checklist -The innovair air conditioner inverter ductless wall mount mini split system. This includes a 16-foot installation kit that makes it more efficient.

Moreover, it’s an inverter system with AHRI certification for a high-efficiency mini-split ducted heat exchanger system.

Other than that, the quantum inverter heat pump series from Innovair will efficiently freeze or warm any space that does not have air conditioning.

To make the condition even better, interior multilayer filters that are vitamin C, HEPA, and aroma filters and speedy conditioning, dehumidifying, high heat, and sleep mode are multifunction that has been included.

Furthermore, a unit, pre-charged down to 25 feet, one inside the unit, cordless remote control, and installing equipment are included in the package. Along with high ambient operation of (115°F) and low ambient operation of (-5°F).

What We Liked
  • Ready wifi
  • Wireless remote control
  • Hidden LED panel
  • Multi-layer filter
What Need Improvement
  • Installation difficulty
  • A bit heavy

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6. Klimaire Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Air Conditioner Heat Pump System

klimaire ductless mini split heat pump

Presenting the sixth all-rounder of our list, Klimaire Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Air conditioner. Let’s learn a bit about our all-rounder –

What makes it an all-rounder? Well, the efficiency and reliability are fabulous due to its compressor heater. Moreover, the built-in base pan and anti-corrosive golden fin make it stand out from other products.

Moving on, the KSIV series comes with many astounding features such as low ambient heating. Not only that, approximately around 5°F it’ll cool down. Even the tailored infrared remote-control option makes it more eye-catching.

Also the option to clean ownself, sleeping mode, follow me, and many others exist with this all-rounder product.

Turns out that this has indoor-outdoor units with a kit of 15-ft for a perfect installation process. You can rest your back with this product as the cables, mounting bracket, controlling facility everything is included within it.

What We Liked
  • 5°F cools down
  • Customized infrared remote control
  • Anti-corrosive golden fin
  • Low ambient heating
What Need Improvement
  • Guidelines not accurate
  • A bit noisy

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7. OLMO Alpic 9,000 BTU 110/120V Ductless Mini Split Heating System

olmo alpic mini split

Moving downward in the list, we’ll introduce you to another contestant on our list. This OLMO Alpic consumes 9,000 BTU with a 110/120V ductless mini split ac, one of the best you can find in 2022.

Eventually, this product has an AHRI ductless system that keeps its standard highly efficient. But how? Other than any other electric zonal heaters it uses around (25-50)% slighter amount of energy.

Keep control in both heating and cooling systems of any room or space or any residential place and balance it just the way you like it. Perfect for getting moderate temperatures in RV!

Plus, it comes with a smart remote to keep the temperature accurate. Along with that, if you’re looking for a fast conditioning ac it comes with the turbo mode and an overnight comfort by the sleep mode.

What We Liked
  • Intelligent defrosting
  • An installation kit
  • Turbo mode
  • Smart remote
What Need Improvement
  • Instructions are vague
  • Hard to install

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8. Cooper & Hunter 9,000 BTU 115V Ductless Mini Split

cooper hunter ductless mini split

Moving towards the eighth one of our precise list. But what special it has is why it stands out from other products in the market. Let’s find it out-

Beginning with the technical excellency of it which has the series of cooper and hunter mia 9000 BTU power of 110V. The 19 SEER keeps the indoor climate completely moderate with cool and dry temperatures.

Moreover, the most exciting feature of it is the whisper technology. Nobody likes disturbance or chaos in rooms which is why it ensures a quiet operation with the advanced technology.

Additionally, the pre-charged refrigerant keeps an ambient temperature up to 5F°.Super easy installation due to the 16FT copper line set with extra wires, drainage system, and whatnot!

What We Liked
  • Pre-charged
  • Prepared installation kit
  • Whisper Technology
  • 19 SEER
What Need Improvement
  • No USB adapter is available
  • Professional experts are needed

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9. Pioneer WYS009A-19 Ductless Inverter+ Mini Split Heat Pump

pioneer wys009a 19 mini split

Well, we’ve almost come to the end section of our reviewing list. Each product has been selected based on its quality. The same goes for the brand of Pioneer. This efficient inverter keeps your money saved for a long duration.

What else is so fascinating about it? Well, the ultra-silent features make it more desirable. More importantly, the built-in process makes it an adequate choice for a wide area of RV.

Moving on, in per hour with 9000 BTU it can function for both heating and cooling purposes. What else does one need? Well, the efficiency is beyond unmatched as it has 10 HSPF and 19 SEER.

Lastly, the LCD backlit display is huge and comes with a multi-skilled wireless infrared remote controller. Thus, you can regulate it from wherever or whenever you want.

What We Liked
  • LCD backlit display
  • 9000 BTU
  • Ultra silent feature
  • Both heat and cool
What Need Improvement
  • Compressor is low-quality
  • Leakage disturbances

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10. Dual 2 Zone 9,000 BTU Ductless Mini Split AC/Heating System

dual 2 zone 9000 btu ductless mini split

Finally, review our most commendable one on the list. Yes, we’ve kept the praiseworthy at the end of our list as we believe the best deserves a significant position.

Let’s not waste any more time and hustle the goodies it has. Cooper and hunter brand has ensured that for an 800-900 sq ft room this can give you the perfect heating and cooling temperature.

With a 230V and two wall mount air handlers,it will fit in your any side wall without occupying huge space. Through an additional adapter, you can regulate it with the ready Wifi system.

Copper and Hunter brand is focused on giving you most of the features it can give. This includes two hi-grade installation kits, comes with various wires and accessories so you get to relax and get an easy installation process.

Ending with the ambient temperature which can extend to -13F°. Also keeps the room super quiet with its whisper technology.

  • Wifi ready
  • Energy-star certified
  • Installation kit available
  • Whisper technology
  • Adapter required
  • Expert should install

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How To Install Mini Split In RV?

The installation process of a mini-split in an RV is a handy job but can be done if you follow the required steps thoroughly. Locate the place, gather screwdrivers, scissors, etc.

How to install a mini-split in an RV? You have to first hang the inside unit, go for shaping the bracket mount, finally place the condenser, the crucial moment of coating the wires, and lastly join wires with the condenser.

Let’s see the steps-

Step 1- Hang the Inside Unit:

Locate the place where you want to set your inside unit. Select a place and hang the evaporator, take metal and screw it up into the designated wall.

Now in the adjacent position hang the evaporator on the vertex of it and see if it fits correctly. Also, cut the adjacent wire of the evaporator and prepare it too.

Step 2- Shaping Bracket Mount:

To place the outside condenser unit you’ll need a bracket mount. Cut the bracket mount and patch test if it fits perfectly with the condenser unit or not.

Most importantly, take care of the fact that in between the condenser and trailer there is sufficient airflow.

Step 3- Place the Condenser:

After proper adjustment with the bracket mount, set the condenser upward and put the screws tightly on it.

As there are multiple screw setting options it will lock the condenser well with the bracket mount.

Step 4- Coat the Wires:

When the condenser and evaporator are already set now it’s time to work with the main thing which is preparing the wires and line. Simply cut a hole and take out the line from the evaporator.

Bring it up to the outside unit and ensure a hard coating of pipe with tape so that it won’t get damaged. And cut the residue wires.

Step 5- Join it with Condenser:

As all our wires are ready take out the screw and adjoint the wire head with the condenser port point.

Now try to give connection and running power and for 15 minutes suck out air and look if it can hold pressure. If it does then you’re good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many amps do mini-splits pull?

Typically, each mini-split will require between 15 and 45 amps. On the lower end of the spectrum, this is roughly 110 to 120 volts, and on the high end, it’s 208 to 240 volts.

Can you put a heat pump in a camper?

Yes, you can put a heat pump in a camper. They’re thought to be a lot more power-efficient than traditional electric heaters. Hence, the heat originates from the outside air and is consumed by the compressor.

Are mini-splits 110v or 220v?

Ductless mini-split systems are available in two voltages 110V and 220V. The voltage will be determined by the kind of model. 9k BTU and 12k BTU units are typically 110V. BTU rating of 18k or higher requires 220V.

How do you know if your RV has a heat pump?

Listen to your heat pump to see if it’s working properly. A well-functioning heat pump ought to be silent. Whenever the fans turn on, no grumbling, cracking, or shrieking sound should be heard from it.

Do all travel trailers have heat?

Even if the machine uses electricity to start, you could have an immersion heater on the board as an element of the HVAC system that might produce heat.

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s the end of our fruitful guidance for you. Big applause for you for giving a complete shot for the entire article on the best mini split for rv.

We are positive about this after reading this article no matter what you won’t get any stumbling block to make a decision. Our reviewing has one thing ensured which is quality.

Moreover, the installing process is always there for a better understanding.

Good Luck! Happy Journey!