Best Vinyl Storage Sheds 2022 – Today’s Top Sheds!

Having a backyard without storage sheds makes everything out of place. Hence, a storage shed can bring everything in place but here comes the most underlying question: how to choose the one for you!

Well, that’s why we’ve come up with the best vinyl storage sheds for you. Nothing can go wrong with this material as vinyl sheds are resilient enough besides being affordable.

best storage vinyl sheds

Not only that, the only shed which comes with zero to no maintenance is light weight and can bear extreme weather situations too. Vinyl storage sheds have multiple other features which makes them more desirable than others.

After foraging numerous products we’ve come up with the 10 best vinyl sheds for your backyard which will not only give you enough storage but also enhance the beauty of the backyard.

Let’s look forward to our valuable products-

What Do People Like About Vinyl Storage Sheds?

Sheds are advantageous in a zillion ways which allows storing numerous objects which are not for indoor storage but amid of all types, vinyl storage sheds are unique due to their excellent features.

  • Resistant: Vinyl storage sheds are known for their resistant properties. In comparison to plastic or other metal sheds, these sheds are two times more resilient in nature. Thus, it ensures no peeling or rusting.
  • Fire retardant: Vinyl storage sheds are fire retardants which is why it’s secure to use instead of any plastic shed. Even if the fire is caught in the shed it’ll help to slow down the burning process as it’s heat resistant too.
  • Easily shippable: Vinyl storage sheds are heavier but the pre-cut or light-weight makes it easy to haul and ship more from one place to another. Thus even if you change your home you don’t have to worry about it much.
  • Durability: Vinyl sheds material comes up with longer-lasting insurance than wood or metal. Moreover, there is no need to paint it after a few years. This remains durable unlike rusty metal or rotten wood.
  • Alternative shape: Vinyl storage sheds come in both small and large shapes. But each of them consists of enough space to put your garden supplies and more. But the price will vary in two cases but less than metal sheds.

1. KETER Manor 6×8 Outdoor Storage Shed – Best Rated Vinyl Shed

keter manor 6x8 shed

If you really need a complete shed but seem to be short on wide, then you’ll like the design of this keter shed. The shed is long enough even to stand inside.

Starting off with the best rated vinyl shed-KETER manor 6×8 resin outdoor storage. This shed is constructed with resin that gives the shed a strong and long lasting feature.

Along with that, the doorway includes strong metal hooks and a lockable slot to protect your belongings at nighttime and when you are not even at your residence.

Furthermore, natural light is brought in through the windows, which are also vented to allow fresh air circulation.

Well, the versatile features and attractive looks can’t be ignored. Due to the versatile feature we can use it as a storage shed to hold the pushed mower, bicycles storage, and garden equipment.

What We Liked
  • UV-protected and waterproof
  • Do not peel
  • Painting never needed
  • Allow air circulation
What Need Improvement
  • Difficult to build
  • A bit pricey

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2. Arrow VD1012-D1 Vinyl Storage Shed – Best Vinyl Storage Shed

arrow vd1012 d1 vinyl shed

Here is another masterpiece of our checklist, the best vinyl storage shed. Thus what separates it from others? Let’s expose it-

Starting with the attractive horizontal panels that are “drop-in-place” which helps you to assist in completing your installation more efficiently. Furthermore, for easier assembling, sections are pre-cut and pre-drilled.

Not only that, several motorcycle mowers, as well as other heavy equipment, can be readily stored by the best vinyl storage sheds because of the large door opening.

Along with easy installation, vinyl-coated steel surfaces give five times longevity to conventional steel buildings.

Moreover, the offered extra height provides more head space to store lengthy equipment, kids’ toys, bikes, and more.

What We Liked
  • Composed of almond walls
  • Easy to assemble
  • Five times thicker shed
  • Affordable shed
What Need Improvement
  • Panel paper is thin
  • Take low snow load

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3. Duramax 05325 Vinyl Storage Shed – Best Vinyl Garden Shed

duramax 05325 shed

Your search for the ideal low-maintenance lengthy gardening storage option is over now! Duramax 05325 yardmate plus pent outdoor vinyl storage shed provides you with sturdy construction with plenty of space for your garden assets.

Firstly, forget to worry about painting the storage shed regularly. The classic garden shed is constructed with sturdy vinyl, which makes it an attractive and functional asset to your garden that requires no maintenance.

Most importantly, Duramax 05325 yardmate plus pent is the best vinyl garden shed that’s made with a metal building that is fire resistant and powerful that ensures a year-round product that you can trust.

Also, the outdoor store building features a sturdy metal top that can handle nearly 20 pounds per square foot of snow, making it ideal for harsh weather situations.

Moreover, Duramax 05325 vinyl storage shed makes easy directions for a quick and painless installation. The construction will never have to be treated or painted. As, it’s resistant to corrosion, denting, rotting, and dampness.

What We Liked
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Maintenance-free and durable
  • Cover all storage
  • Suitable for tall people
What Need Improvement
  • Padlock not included
  • Time-consuming installation

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4. SideMate 4’x8’- Best Vinyl Sided Shed

sidemate 4x8 shed

Trying to convert a tiny side yard of the house to secure storage space? Then let’s get introduced to the fourth product of our list which is the best vinyl-sided sheds-SideMate 4’x8.

Beginning with its storage capacity. The side mate is 4’x8 spacious enough even to accommodate bicycles and gardening equipment. Moreover, the 30-inch-wide doorway may be installed on both sides of the shed.

Even with that, the roof is constructed with industrial-strength metal reinforcement, this adds strength to the structure, allowing it to hold up to 20 pounds per square foot of snow.

Furthermore, a pad-lockable door has been added to ensure your security. Simply add a preferable lock and you’ll get a safe place to keep your valuable items.

To improve the backyard beauty, the side mate 4’x8 ideally fits in the side of the house. Along with this, the narrow walkways on the end of the building are the ideal place to install this shed.

What We Liked
  • Won’t rust or rent
  • Never need painting
  • Include foundation kit
  • Include pad-lockable door
What Need Improvement
  • Lock not included
  • Not easy to build

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5. Suncast BMS8100 8′ x 10′ Heavy Duty Storage Shed – Best Suncast Vinyl Shed

suncast bms8100

If you’re lacking in storage space, then the the BMS8100 8′ x 10′ Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed will be the perfect option for you. The long-lasting strength and stability make it the best one.

Starting with highly durable plastic sheds multi-walled polypropylene resin panels that can tolerate harsh weather conditions. This makes the shed the best suncast vinyl sheds.

Even with its durability, a conveniently placed system of skylights and windows lets in natural daylight without compromising the building’s structural stability.

Moreover, the included padlock has enabled doorways to be properly secured.

Additionally, the blown molded resin is used to make the outdoors storing shed robust and powerful. Along with that it also protects your tools, scaffolds, and bikes.

Not only that, the heavy-duty ground is built to endure wear and tear while supporting your lawnmower, truck, or other large machinery.

What We Liked
  • Reinforced floor
  • Provides natural light
  • Include polypropylene-resin panels
  • Features a padlock hasp
What Need Improvement
  • No adjustment capabilities
  • Minimal structure kit

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6. Woodbridge Plus 10.5 Ft. x 8 Ft. Vinyl Storage Shed – Best Duramax Woodbridge Shed

woodbridge plus vinyl storage shed

Imagine something which gives you a 2 in 1 feature? Well, thinking about it the Duramax brand has launched their Woodbridge plus a 10.5 ft x 8 Ft vinyl garden storage.

Beginning with the all-weather outdoor storage shed capabilities. Be it a rainy season or scorching heat due to additives added in the vinyl panels so no peeling, cracking, or wrapping.

Even with that, the durability is beyond comparison. That’s why it has resin storage sheds with premium quality that ensures protection over 20 Lbs/sq.ft. That makes it the best Duramax Woodbridge shed.

Well, maintaining a shed is quite a hassle. Say no to painting and maintaining your shed as durable vinyl doesn’t need all that. Besides being super stylish it always keeps away any rust or rot.

Moreover, to maintain the standard of your backyard it comes with subtle colors to enhance the beauty of your place. Plus, it comes with three windows and wide double doors so tall men can enter too.

  • Gives a wide storage
  • No painting needed
  • Fire resistant
  • Strong metal for durability
  • Padlock not available
  • Directions unclear

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7. Suncast 7′ x 7′ Cascade Outdoor Storage Shed – Best Vinyl Resin Storage Shed

suncast storage shed

Presenting our another masterpiece which is known as the best vinyl resin storage shed. What makes it the best one? Let’s unveil it-

Starting with the huge storage of the shed. Be it either brooms, rakes, or any long-handled tools, even the ladders, or outdoor accessories you’ll get huge storage to keep everything.

Moreover, the resin material of the storage shed gives higher durable construction. You’ll get a long-lasting shed that will not even fade or decay.

Having a shed doesn’t mean that you won’t get adequate natural light inside the room. Keeping that in mind it has two side windows and a built-in door for sufficient natural light.

Most importantly, it comes with pad-lockable doors. The moderate sizing of the shed will not occupy much space rather give you versatile storage.

What We Liked
  • Huge storage
  • Durability is higher
  • No fade or decaying
  • Natural light
What Need Improvement
  • A padlock is not included
  • Professional shed builder needed

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8. Lifetime 10 FT. X 8 FT. Outdoor Storage Shed – Best Vinyl Outdoor Shed

lifetime outdoor storage shed

Now, let’s talk about the best vinyl outdoor sheds. Yes! The best outdoor shed is none other than from the lifetime brand. Due to being vinyl, the durable properties are extremely high which makes it perfect for outdoor sheds.

Besides ensuring longevity it ensures no cracking and gives longer life insurance despite how the weather is. Built-in with properties to bear extreme temperature pressure.

Other than that, the roof of the shed has heavy-duty steel supports so the roof gets some extra strength in it.

Moving on, the durable and supportive product is not left behind in terms of security. That’s why it has lockable steel-reinforced doors which makes it super secure and safe outdoors.

To enhance the beauty of the backyard with the centralized door system with huge storage access makes the product much more demanding than others.

What We Liked
  • No cracking
  • Durable
  • Bear extreme weather pressure
  • Heavy-duty steel support
What Need Improvement
  • Takes a huge time to install
  • Unclear instructions

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9. Keter Factor 6×3 Storage Shed – Best Small Vinyl Shed

keter factor storage shed

If you’re looking for a small shed then worry not! As Keter brand has come up with the best small vinyl shed which will perfectly fit in your backyard without occupying much space.

Let’s, not the small vinyl shed misled you in terms of its capacity as it gives a 110 cu. ft. storage capacity. Thus the versatile storage enables you to store bikes, garden tools, courtyard furniture, and whatnot!

Even with larger space, it has been manufactured with polypropylene resin plastic, and steel so you’ll get the durability in 2x quantity.

Not only that, the shed has protection built in from weather, water, and UV. Thus no matter what you’ll not see any peeling, rusting, or rotting of the shed particles.

 Last but not the least factor to be amazed at is it enables sufficient skylight to enter. Thus, you’ll have natural light and proper ventilation so that you get enough air circulation.

What We Liked
  • 2x Durability
  • Light and airy
  • Waterproof and UV-proof
  • No peel or rust
What Need Improvement
  • Material quality poor
  • Instructions are terrible

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10. Arrow VT1431 Vinyl Shed – Best Large Vinyl Shed

arrow vt1431 vinyl

Finally, we’re at the end of our review of our elite list which ends with a sneak peek of the largest vinyl shed available in the market.

The shed is 14’x31′ steel storage so that you get to keep your largest items on your storage shed within 3663 cubic feet which makes it the best large vinyl shed.

Moreover, the vinyl-coated galvanized steel comes up with 5 times more thickness than any other traditional steel item. Remain fret-free from decaying of coating!

Other than that, the shed has a peak height of 9 ft. tall so that you get the headroom and workspace more accessible. Plus, even though it has one side door, it is a sliding door so that you get quick access.

Ending with the easiest installation process, though the storage is larger in shape in terms of assembling is easier as it has been pre-cut with pre-drilled segments for you.

What We Liked
  • Largest shed
  • Roll-up style
  • 5 times thicker
  • Easy installation
What Need Improvement
  • Not much secure
  • No padlock

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How To Install A Vinyl Shed?

Vinyl sheds already come up with pre-cut pieces which makes it less hectic to install. Besides, you’ll be needing some screws, a hammer, a drill machine, and a stepladder.

How to install a vinyl shed? You can begin with aligning the foundation, go for putting up the wall with the flooring after that, install the window carefully, make sure to set up the roof accurately then finally place the door.

Let’s see the steps-

Step 1- Aligning the Foundation:

Vinyl storage sheds come with a foundation base but if you want to build your one then simply align the big pieces and put it horizontally.

Take the measurements to mark it with a marker, put the small pieces in the middle vertically and adjoin it with a screw after piercing a hole. Make sure that the gap is equal.

Step 2- Put Up the Wall:

Start with the corner column into the wall panel and the door column on the other side and just slip it into the U channel line it up with the drilled holes.

Already pre-drilled holes are available with the kit to attach the wall panels to the U channels with just one screwdriver set the wall columns. In this way continue the whole process of putting up a wall.

Step 3- Place the Flooring:

Now lay the flooring without any tension. Though it is suggested to place the flooring before setting the wall with vinyl storage shed you can do it later too.

Just put the flooring one by one and you’re done.

Step 4- Install Window:

Buying a window kit can be more helpful. Take out one middle panel and cut it into two sections and set the half and then put the sliding window then the upper section.

Having a lock in the window will make it more secure. But be careful to put the window set up from where sunlight comes.

Step 5- Setting Up the Roof:

Put the column fittings for roof support. Then install the front and back roof support first and through a stepladder finish up those corner supports.

After that place, the front and back face with a plug and lock the pin. Finally the roof primary panel. Just put it one by one then the skylight and plug it. Use caulking to ensure water safety.

Step 6- Place the Door:

For the last step of placing the door, put the panel and adjoin it with the other panel hinges available and make it firm.

The same goes for another door and you’re done setting the vinyl storage shed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vinyl shed?

A vinyl shed is a shed whose material is vinyl and mainly focuses on being heat resistant and fire retardant. Unlike other plastic sheds, it won’t catch fire and last long too.

Can you paint a vinyl shed?

You can. It has a particular paint which gives you the chance to paint it. Even the color lasts longer and gives a vibrant and freshly-painted touch-up.

Do vinyl sheds get hot?

Vinyl sheds are manufactured in a way that they can bear the maximum southwest sun heat. It keeps itself cool in summer due to its weather resilient feature.

How long does a vinyl shed last?

You’ll be amazed to hear that a vinyl shed will last for about less than half a century. For 25+ years you can relax with one purchase.

Are vinyl sheds worth it?

If you’re living in a hot and humid region vinyl sheds are the only one for you. These sheds are weather-resistant, more durable, and don’t crack easily too. So they are worth it.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for being persistent enough and remaining with us till the end of our review on the best vinyl storage sheds in 2022.

Choosing a vinyl storage shed is itself the best decision amid it we’ve bestowed the dazzling one from the market. All of these products are promising in terms of durability.

Besides, our installation process is described as the easiest way to make your installation process super effortless.

That’s all from our side. Have a nice day!