Witches Stairs – What It is and How to Build It in 2022?

Staircases are not a luxury, it is a necessity. And having not enough space for constructing them is so frustrating that it ruins the entire mood. It is an ultimate struggle for many of us who live in small apartments. Isn’t there a way to fix it?

Don’t sigh! Of course, there is a solution. And believe us it’s so effective that we ourselves use it too. Wanna know what it is?

witches stairs

It is witches stairs. The name sounds really spooky. However, it is nothing like that. Instead, it is something more like an alternate-tread staircase. Here, you keep one foot on one stair and the other one on the next. As a result, less space is occupied and your dream of a staircase is also fulfilled.

In our today’s segment, we tried to outline all the nook and cranny of the witches stair and how to build it. Coupling with it,  additional sections and FAQs will surely answer all your questions regarding it.

So, let us proceed.

What Do People Like About Witches Stairs?

Witches Stairs are really cool. They are the new trend, the internet sensation. To keep yourself up-to-date it is a must-have decor. Nonetheless, there are, of course, reasons for their fandom. And you must know them too.

Come to the following list and you will not help but fall in love with the witches stairs yourself.

  • Less Space: This is not even a question. We all know this. And we all agree this to be the most obvious reason why people can’t get over it.
  • Decorative: For those who enjoy decorating their homes in unique elegance, it’s their final stop. This doesn’t only use for climbing but also gives your home a speculative look to show off your guest.
  • Less pricey: This is another widely acknowledged advantage of these staircases, As this doesn’t need any extravagant construction, it is quite cheaper than the traditional staircases.
  • Easy to transport: As these steps are smaller and faster to climb, you can easily carry heavy items like mattresses while climbing them. Don’t believe it yet? Then you must try it to feel it, honey.
  • Healthy: It is not absurd. Rather, it is a healthy alternative. If you wanna lose weight, then you should probably like it. It would definitely remove your tonnes of fat. Just try climbing it sometimes.

13 Steps On How To Build A Witches Stairs!

Well, we get the solution. But this is not the end of our problems. Building it is a whole new level of struggle. And we are sure you too are worried about this.

Don’t fret, dear. We have a detailed guideline to let you know how to build a witches stair and practically implement it skillfully at your sweet home.

What’s keeping you then? Jump right in!

Step 1- Arrange the Area:

First of all, choose the area where you want to build it. If you had some extra stuff in there, it’s time to remove them immediately.

After that, make sure, if you need any renovations. In that case, you need to finish that as soon as possible to get rid of this. As you have prepared the area, now it’s time to move to the next steps.

Step 2- Use Stringers:

Making stairs is, indeed, a work of great measurements. However, a stringer that is precut will help you to get this hectic work done very quickly.

To support treads and riser boards, you’ll never get any better thing than this. To accommodate your seven-inch riser per step you need to cut these stringers up to two-inch. And see the magic.

Step 3- Measure Steps:

First thing first. Measure the distance from where you want to start your staircase to the end. Now calculate how many steps you will have if each has seven inches of rising between each.

After deciding, prepare a list of things you need. Depending on the step count, you’ll need a stringer, anchor, tread and riser board, nails, and some other handful of items.

Step 4- Prepare Anchor Boards:

Decide how much bigger you want your anchor board. Normally, a general rule is to keep the length of the anchor board three to four inches less than the space itself. Again, remember, it is not an official law, you can break the rule anytime for your ease.

After that, attach the anchor board of suitable size to support the stringer. Cut it down to the length you calculated to be perfect.

Step 5- Fix Anchor Boards:

Now position the anchor boards on the level ground. Double-check the position. When you are as sure as eggs, then move to the crucial part of screwing.

You may need to drill holes to secure it in position. Yes, we know, we don’t want to go to drilling methods. You can also do that without that hassle. But, you know what, it is worth it.

Step 6- Fix External Stringers:

Position the external stringers carefully against the wall. As these works demand your complete concentration, ensure that step notches are on a level surface with the top of the anchor boards.

Along with it, you can also use bricks and concrete to level it.

Moving next, we need to fix these stringers into place. For doing this, of course, you’ll need nails. Strike them down!

Step 7- Fix Internal Stringers:

The best practice for this would be to cut one or two-inch from the middle of the stringer. This would allow the stringer to match and be more compatible with the anchor boards.

We highly recommend cutting it exactly parallel to the previous angular cut. And then again, toenail the interior stringers.

Step 8- Fix the Bottom Step:

In this step, you need to, firstly, cut the bottom step riser with 1 x 8 inches or 2 x 7 one. Though it is totally up to you. You have freedom of your choice. But this is the most preferable measurement we have till now.

And now again it’s the nailing time. Nail and nail them until it ties the lower end of the stringer. Don’t forget to make sure it flushes with the top step.

Step 9- Cut Down Treads:

And here comes another significant job – cutting down the tread to accurate length. Cutting six-inch treads will be good for this work. You can even add one more inch for overhanging.

Another protip for you, buddy, use two treads for a single step. This will help them to retain for a longer time without breaking or cracking.

Step 10- Fix Treads:

You know what is. Just attach the treads with the stringers using some screws and nails. And it is done.

Oh! Wait. Try to keep one inch overhanging while fixing it. This will accommodate the climbers and will make it easier to climb.

Step 11- Slit the Risers:

In simple words, you have to cut down the risers now. Before doing this, you need to measure the distance from the top of the tread to the bottom.

When done, it is time to slit the riser’s width according to your measurement. A rip cut would be a great fit for this work. You can definitely try that to do your work with it.

Step 12- Fix Step Riser:

This is one of the easiest and the last works. Before fixing the step riser, make sure that it is flushing with the outside stringers.

Once you are hundred percent confirmed, start attaching them with the nails. And see, your witches stair is done.

Step 13- Add Finishing:

Finally, as you have done all the major steps and your stairs are ready, it would be a great idea to make them look appealing with beautiful add-ons. You can give it a trendy paint or decorate it with plants like succulents to add a diverse beauty to your interior.

Though it is optional work, we think you should try this. At least, apply waterproof stain or deck paint which will help them keep their durability for ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are witches stairs used for?

Witches stairs are mainly used to save space. If you are looking for making staircases inside your house but are stuck due to less space, then witches stairs should be your pick.

How do witches stairs save space?

As the stairs have only one tread it occupies just half of the space. One step is wider on right and the next one is wider on left. As a result, climbers keep one foot at one step at a time and still face no difficulty while moving.

What is the witches stair’s wrong myth?

Before people use to believe that the witches stairs are built to get protection from the witches. They had a baseless belief that witches would not be able to climb these staircases. But, today we know, that all these myths are wrong and fake. Witches stairs are only built to make our climbing experience easier.

Wrapping Up

Great! Now you are also well-versed about the witches stairs. We hope, with this piece we have cleared out all your queries and confusion about these not-so-spooky witches stairs.

As you see, building these stairs is also relatively easy. Go through the steps time and again and you will be a pro too.

Best of luck with your DIYs. See you again in the next one. Till then stay happy.